Friday, 2 February 2018

When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition

No one in this world can or will give the Peace that Jesus gives. He loves us freely without conditions. He wants us to love Him like a little child with abandonment to His Will. Some of us can grapple with this from day to day. We are not really or entirely sure that we have what it takes to trust in Jesus implicitly or surrender to His Will unconditionally. Our lives, our emotions, our hearts can often dictate terms by our own free wills which leaves Jesus off to the side.

This is not ideal for Him. He cannot nor will not command us to love Him in this way.

But He waits patiently and sends us Graces to help us recognise the limitations to that love and trust, so that we can open like a flower from a bud to a fully and beautifully made bloom that melts His Heart. Somehow through each relevant experience we have in our lives, Jesus is Guiding us ever so gently to understand more fully what He Desires from each of us. With time and perseverance, we can see opportunities to be what He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do.

Each time we take on an opportunity, we are strengthened with those Graces to be a beacon of Light again and again. It could be seen as a test. If we pass the test, He will graciously send something to confirm we have done what He needed and He will ensure the next test is within our reach to achieve. If we fail a test, then it is assured that we will continually receive the same test, though perhaps with a different tone, until we achieve the desired end that God requires for the good of our souls.

When we are challenged in faith, when we are mocked and sneered at for our faith, know without reservation, that Jesus is by our side and we are close to His Sacred Heart. Sometimes I for one feel that I must let Him down very badly, because I don't seem to get as many of these things happen to me as some others do, so I am not sure if I am close to Him then, this is my test. Maybe this is something I can see as being a good thing or a thing I need to improve.

It is good to challenge ourselves and even 'go that extra mile' to almost encourage self-penance to please Jesus. This is why fasting is so important and a test that I find very difficult. I would ask that we continually encourage eachother to fast. We know how significant fasting is in helping save souls. Jesus be our Strength to accomplish all You need of us.

When you trust in Me it must be free of any condition

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 @ 17:04

My dearly beloved daughter, trust is a very misunderstood term, when it comes to My relationship with you. To trust is not an easy thing to do, for man is a sinner and can, at any time, betray a trust even amongst those he loves.

To trust in Me takes great effort on the part of souls. When you trust in Me, it must be free of any condition or on your own terms. When you say you love Me there are many stages involved. The first stage is one of belief and love for all that I taught and because of Who I Am. The second is inspired by love for My Teachings and a deep compassion for Me. The third stage occurs when you are in full union with Me, when you feel My Love, My Pain, My Sorrow and understand – without knowing why – what it means to be a true child of God. It means acknowledging that I Am the Beginning and the End and that all comes from Me.

When you love Me with an open heart, like that of a child, you will love Me without condition. You will know that I will come to your aid when all feels hopeless, you will know that My Love for man is ceaseless, free of malice, free of discrimination and that not one sinner will I reject – no matter what they have done. By then, you will have no doubts left about My Divinity and you will surrender to Me completely. You will leave all to Me, although you will, without question, suffer at the hands of man when you love Me in this way.

Because My Light will shine within your soul, those who reject Me will do all that they can to belittle you; to mock you; to scourge you and to make life difficult, for make no mistake, Christians have always been despised and will continue to be persecuted, just as I was, until the Final Day.

Trust in Me and I will ease your burden and while you may suffer verbal attacks, by those who hate you because of Me, you will be at peace. Please recite this Prayer whenever you feel separated from Me and I will come to your aid. I will fill you with a Peace that cannot, nor ever will, be found anywhere in this world.

Crusade Prayer (161) For confidence and peace:

Jesus, I trust in You. Help me to love You more. Fill me with the confidence to surrender in full and final union with You. Help me to grow my trust in You during difficult times. Fill me with Your Peace.

I come to You, dear Jesus, as a child, free of all worldly ties; free of all conditions and I hand You over my will to do with it as You see fit for the sake of my own and that of other souls. Amen.

Your Jesus

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