Friday, 2 February 2018

The world is starved of the Truth of My Word

The balance of our investment account is overdrawn! Have you ever thought that maybe what we invest isn't always able to be drawn on because we invest so little? We are being asked to invest more trust, more confidence, more selflessness and more giving in God's Heavenly Account! Our free will was given at birth as a Gift by God to help us make choices. Choices that by His Token, should bring us closer to Him. But satan decided in his egotistical manipulation, to make mankind believe that they can use their free will against God! So with our free will, we have chosen the easy, wide highway to hell! Jesus will never command anything from us - same with God. They have given us countless markers to find the Right Path, the narrow path, the path that is burdensome.

But nonetheless, it is The Path to God's Kingdom! satan knows what God needs and what He wants - so satan reverses our thoughts to get closer to God and makes us use our bodies and minds in lusts and desires that trap us unto him and keeps us away from God and His Favour. God says "My Will, will be done on earth as It Is in Heaven" - He can only achieve this if humanity is prepared to give over our human wills and place all our trust and hope in Him. How we have strayed through our wills! How we have groped around in the dark and lost our way!

The Triune God will not give up on us! They will fight for our souls no matter how much we err. But it is by our free will that we must come to Them, without reserve, with contrition, and with humility! We are the ones who are Invited by Heaven to abide in Them! But we must submit our wills to God so He can fully Manifest Himself within our hearts, minds and souls!

Are we ready to take up this challenge? Are we ready to proclaim Jesus as Our Loving Saviour? Are we ready to free ourselves from the chains of deceit and false promises of satan?

Give God our 'YES LORD!" today!

The world is starved of the Truth of My Word

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 @ 22:23

My dearly beloved daughter, My Remnant Army has gathered in great numbers and is scattered in every part of the world. My Own know Me and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, I have made Myself known through the Power of My Words contained in these Sacred Messages.

My Word will draw those already blessed with the Holy Spirit to Me quickly. For these souls there is no doubt. The Holy Spirit will, through My Words, draw the more reluctant and while they may be unsure as to whether it is indeed I, Jesus Christ, Who beckons them to respond to My Call, they will come towards Me with caution. Eventually, they will embrace Me fully. Then there are those who believe in Me, but who do not accept that I Am calling out to them. They too, in time, will respond to My Call. But what is My Call? Is it to simply prove Myself? No, for that is unnecessary. My Call is to gather you to prepare you, so that all Christians will help Me in My quest to save humanity. It is through My beloved disciples that I can make much happen.

My Mission is to save souls and I will do this through the use of the free will of man. The Will of God is to give life and to bring all God’s children under His Protection. By the Divine Will of God, all souls can be saved, but the route to Eternal Salvation lies in the free will, given to man, by God. It will be through your free will that each of you will choose your future. You will not be forced to accept the Mercy of God, but you will be asked to follow Me. I will never command you to do this, for it is your right – the right to your free will – for you to decide for yourself what you want to do.

Some men will choose wisely, for they will know what I offer, the path of Truth – the Way to Eternal Life. Some people will choose unwisely and follow the wrong path. They will do this because they will have failed to understand the Truth, the Word of God. They will have allowed the allure of great material attractions, lusts and pleasures to sway them away from Me. They do not believe in life after death and feel no remorse for the sins they commit in fulfilling their own selfish desires. Yet, if they are shown the Truth and are encouraged by others to listen to the Word of God and My Promise for the future, they can change. They can, through the Gift of Conversion, reside in My Kingdom.

My Call, therefore, is to encourage all souls to seek the Truth. Through their free will – and it has to be by their own choice – they will allow Me, their beloved Jesus, to save them. I call out to all Christians now to take up your armour and march forward to help Me to gather those souls who are scattered and lost. Through your help, I can encourage all souls of every creed, race and colour to come to Me. When you reach out to them, I will cover you with the great Gifts of the Holy Spirit so that you can succeed and bring Me the lost souls for whom I pine every second.

The Will of God is to save everyone. But it is by the free will of man, who chooses to come forward into My Arms, by his own free choice, that the Divine Will of God will be fulfilled as it should be. Go, all of you, and teach the Truth of the Holy Gospels. The world is starved of the Truth of My Word. My Word is no longer taught in the way it should be. People must be given the Truth – it is what I gave up My Life for. Without access to the Truth – My Holy Word – you cannot choose the correct path to Eternal Salvation.

That is why I come now, to bring you the Truth. To bring you to your senses, so that you are prepared, ready and waiting for the Great Day without fear, anguish or worry in your hearts. When you accept Me and trust in Me completely you will be at peace.

Your Jesus

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