Friday, 2 February 2018

Compare Me to a mother who has to separate from her child at birth

It 's a Message that many women will take straight to their heart and have deepest, saddest memories come flooding back, but Jesus is telling each mother who has been separated from their child or children, that they will be reunited with eachother. He wants us to understand the emotions and pain and longing behind these events of separation between a mother and her child.

This is how He feels!

This is the sorrow and longing that He too feels for each of His children, particularly those who have been lost for so long. Jesus is bringing Great Graces to us at this time to endure our hardships and suffering for a little while longer. After this time has passed, can we truly imagine the Greatest Joy ever to be given us - in Paradise?

Then every sadness, every suffering and personal sacrifice, every scornful word or deed done to us will be eradicated. We must try with all our being to be so entwined with Jesus on this journey, so that anything that is disagreeable will not even raise an eyebrow from us, rather lower our eyes in prayer, gratitude and humility, knowing that Jesus loves us and will protect and nurture us each moment of the way

Compare Me to a mother who has to separate from her child at birth

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 @ 01:45

My dearly beloved daughter, I bring you and all of My beloved followers great Blessings today. My Heart bursts with love for you all. I realize that your journey to serve Me can be very difficult at times, but I desire to let you know that I Am guiding you every second. There is not one trial that you may face which cannot be surmounted. Therefore, if you feel helpless and fearful, you must not give up and when you trust in Me all will seem easier.

Compare Me to a mother who has to separate from her child at birth and who can never see this child again during her lifetime. The mother will never forget that child and spends every day pining for her flesh and blood in the hope that she will reunite with her baby at some stage. Every day that child is in her thoughts; she prays for his or her wellbeing and feels a permanent pain, deep within her heart, for her loss. Nothing will ever satisfy her, until she embraces that child once again in her arms. She has great patience, great hope and a deep longing to come face to face with the child she expelled from her womb and does not mind the years in between. All that matters to her is that she and her child become whole again – one entwined with the other.

I Am like any parent who has to endure such anguish. For Me, the waiting is distressing. But the pain of loss, like the long-lost child who refuses to come back to the parent, is the greatest of all. The pain I feel, when I Am rejected by God’s children, is a constant torment for Me. I will do anything to draw these souls into My Bosom. I will use other souls – their brothers and sisters, who want to comfort Me – in My quest to awaken their dormant souls. I need My beloved followers, the siblings of these lost children of God, to scatter around the world and bring My family together.

We must unite against the spirit of darkness, which will make it almost impossible for these souls to decipher the Truth of their birth. These people must be told of their birthright; their inheritance and their Eternal Salvation. For the time is near when all Truth will be revealed. With your help, My beloved followers, they will come to Me, back into My family, where we will all unite, finally, as one. The way it was meant to be.

I love you all with a deep tenderness and I rejoice when you respond with love in your heart to My Call.

Your Jesus

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