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Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God

This Message has come at a perfect time, I am sure, for all of us in a special way. Having just experienced the love that Mother of Salvation describes, in my family, I hold onto Mother's Words fervently, having faith and confidence that with God's Grace, more of this love will reach into the hearts of the most stubborn and proud souls. We all grow and learn each day.

Some of us don't like having a red flag held to us, but if the Truth is to be told then we each must try our best to impart that Truth. We can't afford to be 'hung up' on those who are really doing their best to guide us even though we may not have the humility enough to accept that guidance. 'One upmanship' falls short of the love Mother is speaking of.

Our human condition can sometimes have it's ego bruised, but then I suppose we have to think about having that ego in the first place. Ego = pride! We can rest in the knowledge that each time we stumble Jesus will help lift us up again. He will dust us off and bring us strength to commit to Him again.

We know when we have the Love of God in our hearts - we feel warmth and lightness of spirit. We feel teary in a joyful way. We feel the love through the other person we are engaging with. We feel God's Presence with us.

There are numerous times that we might be able to pinpoint this happening in our lives, but the Promise of God, is that one day, we will come to know this always, each moment! Imagine a world (Paradise) where this Love of God will surge through us like that! Are we in for a treat!

Mother of Salvation: Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 @ 16:00

My sweet children, don’t you know that it has been through God’s Love for all of you that He permitted me to proclaim His most Holy Word at every apparition of me, the Mother of God, which took place in the world.

It was the desire of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, that I made myself known, so that conversion to the Truth could take place. And so it will be at all of my holy shrines, throughout the world, that God will make known the Truth until the Great Day of the Lord dawns. You must all unite to give glory to God at all of my shrines, so that He, in His Mercy, will pour great Graces over even the most undeserving souls, for they are the ones He seeks out the most.

It is not only the well educated in matters of the Holy Gospels that He, my Son, desires to come to me. No, it is those who feel an emptiness within their hearts, where no matter how much they search for inner peace, they are unable to find it. Many people search for happiness, peace and joy in this life and rarely find it. They can never find true peace if they cannot find love. Only love for others can bring you close to God, because without love you will never find God Present.

I ask you, dear children, to come to me, the Mother of Salvation, and ask me to pray, so that God will fill you with His Love. When you recite this prayer I will ask my Son, to respond to your call. Seek out love and show whatever love you have, in your hearts, for others and share this. When you do, my Son will fill you with so much love you will then be ready to share this amongst you. Love will eradicate hatred. If you feel any kind of hatred for another human being, then you must plead with my Son, Jesus Christ, to rid you of this infestation.

Crusade Prayer (159) Plea for God’s Love:

O Mother of Salvation, I ask you to intercede on my behalf as I plead for God’s Love. Fill my soul, an empty vessel, with the Love of God, so that when it is overflowing, it will spill over the souls for whom I struggle to show compassion.

By the Power of God, I ask that I am freed from any feelings of hatred I may harbor for those who betray your Son.

Humble me in spirit and fill me with generosity of soul so that I can follow the Teachings of Christ and spread His Love into every part of my life. Amen.

Love is spoken about as it if is easy to feel, but for many it requires great humility devoid of all ego. Without lowering yourself before God, you will not feel His Love. And without the Love of God, you cannot thrive. Only with the Love of God in your souls can you spread the Word of God.

Without His Love, the words you speak in His Name, will be barren and bereft of life.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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