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Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost

This Message is so appropriate for me to read right now. Jesus Your Timing is impeccable! Our souls were 'kitted up' with all the attributes of God the moment we were conceived. God infused His Likeness and Image into us - into our souls. They house the Life Blood of He Who is our Creator.

Our human wills were also given as Gifts to us by God. He gave it to us so we could choose to love Him, not be coerced into loving Him. God will never command of us to love Him - He wants nothing forced. This would not be True love!

But for the soul who is devoid of knowing and feeling God's Love, how does that soul remain in co-operation with God? How can God remain Manifest in that soul? Well He certainly won't stay where He is not welcome, so He takes a backward step and allows His Providence to Intervene in the life of that soul to show them The Way through Jesus.

What if the soul doesn't want this to happen? Then by his free will, he chooses to separate himself from God. Why? Because by not reaching out for God's Love, he cannot find his way in the darkness. There is only a faint glimmer which would be missed by someone who cares more about the groping around and wasting time, rather then the finding in earnest The Light of Christ. 

We can all mess around from here to there, no peace, no joy, being on the offensive, speaking lies and calumny, distrustful, weary, having no direction except in circles, offering no one politeness and comfort, feeling we are in control of our own lives and making excuses for sin and that is where satan keeps us caged until we break away and seek God in something - anything!

It is that initial selfless action of calling out for God to 'show' Himself, that will bring some sense to a soul who cannot 'see' which way to turn.

Jesus is showing us The Way to God the Father by sending His Grace upon souls to open them to Truth. He never stops trying. These opportunities will be given, but at some point we are on our own. No one will be beside us when we are faced with the states of our souls. No one will get us out of a bind or put in a good word for us. We have to choose with our free will.

 We cannot remain fooled by satan forever. We cannot allow his hiddenness to mask what he does to us when we are not 'on guard'. Those that fall prey to him but want to break free have to do so with courage and determination. Those who are weak against satan, need prayer and much of it. 

Innately we search for things of the spirit. Most often things of the temporal we know are as the word implies - temporary. But the Spirit lives on and through our groping around in the dark, we know that the only way to attain something in Spirit is to open to the Truth - Jesus - finding The Light- finding Jesus! 

He is waiting for all souls no matter how dark their lives and souls are, to return to Him.

Hunger of the spirit leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 @ 19:10

 My dearly beloved daughter, hunger for food that feeds the flesh is a terrible affliction. But, hunger of the spirit, leaves the soul empty, miserable and lost. When a soul distances himself from Me, he will wander and seek out every kind of fulfilment. He will walk to the ends of the earth, looking for spiritual calm and relief, but nothing can fill this void, only Me. He may find temporary relief in all worldly pursuits of relaxation, but never will he find the peace that I can bring.

 When I feed a person’s soul with My Grace, they will be full of My Love and Presence. Although My Presence, within the soul, will draw down upon it the venom of evil spirits, who will do all they can to upset it, the soul will not care. My Love is all you need to feel fulfilled, and My Peace, which fills you, is not of this world. It comes with great Blessings and the souls, who attain this peace, will never let go of it that easily, once they experience it.

 When a person goes to extraordinary lengths to deny Me, he is deceiving only himself. To deny Me is your own choice. Why then display hatred for Me, when you do not believe I exist? I call on those of you, who are plagued with spiritual battles, to hear My Voice as I call out to you now. If you deny Me, then remain silent. Do not deny Me and then curse Me, for if you do this, you are contradicting yourself. You cannot hate something, which does not exist. If you feel hatred of any kind, don’t you know that this comes from a source, just as love does? Love comes from God. Hatred comes from Satan. The day when you realise that evil breeds and festers, as it uncoils like a serpent, you will see that it is a real entity. Only then you will finally accept the existence of the devil. The reason he, Satan, is so cunning is that it is not to his advantage to make himself known. Were that to happen, you would find it impossible not to believe in God.

 Open your eyes and see evil for what it is. Know that by denying Me, the evil one will use you to fuel hatred against those who love Me.

  Your Jesus

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