Saturday, 21 July 2018

I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first

Up to the last second, Jesus is going to do all He can to bring us to His Kingdom, but it must come from us ultimately if we want to go with Him. No stone will be left unturned. We are stones on this journey and our faith is being tested and trampled upon. We pray and hope that in faith, we know our Jesus will pick us up off the ground and skim us all the way to Paradise. But those who are the most unworthy, yet repentant and contrite will be taken to Paradise first! This is how I was brought up! I go last! It doesn't matter what situation I was in, I was taught to let everyone else go before me and my children have been raised this way too. We will be very glad to be last. If anything we hope to be the last to Enter Paradise, because this is when Jesus tells us the 'just' will go last - I think we all hope that we are just a little bit -just! 

It will be such a wonderful cycle of conversion through all the evil which will be presented as good all around us, where many, many souls who would not have known Christ at any time in their lives, would not have had a keen relationship with Him or who turned away from Him on the journey - they will be given the great chance of entering Paradise first! Wow! This we must pray for!

Those of course who on the flipside of the coin, decide that they are too 'good' for Jesus and who, right up til that last moment stay wicked - they will be left behind - the guess is that they will enter hell for Eternity. This is a really terrible reality.

Jesus is the Protector of His Church - the True Church. The one where He is still Present will only remain for a short time longer and it will up to the Remnant -the True Church to continue His Word as the New Jerusalem until we Enter Paradise. This will be our duty!

We will help Jesus be the caretakers of souls to ensure that through our prayers and suffering, they will be assured their Rightful Inheritance. We pray particularly for the lost souls in the wilderness, those so precious to Jesus. Come Lord Jesus, take them to Your Sacred Refuge safely and expressly to Your Kingdom!

This journey is in one of it's final stages. We must make every post a winning post for Christ! Let's expand what we already do for Him in this Mission so we can cast any even bigger net as His fisher's of men!

 I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first

Sunday, October 12th, 2014 @ 21:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, I Am the Protector of all God’s children – every single one of you, irrespective of your sex, age or creed. I Am the Protector of My Church on earth and no man will prevail against it. It will remain intact, although many will have deserted Me.

 Those who desert Me, who change the Word of God, cannot say that they are of My Church, for I cannot protect a church that does not speak the Truth. The true test of your faith has begun and, soon, you will be confused and won’t know where to turn. Be assured, that merciful though I Am, I will never stand and allow traitors to desecrate My Body. They will only go so far before the thundering force of the Hand of God will be heard.

 You must focus on Me and accept that The Tribulation has intensified, and that all things foretold must be witnessed. Only when the prophecies, given to the world in the Beginning, become apparent, will man fully understand that My Time is almost upon him. You must never fear Me, for My Love and Mercy is expansive. Fear only those who do not come from Me, for it is the spirit of evil that drives them to do terrible things. By prayer alone, you can help to atone for their sins, and through such a generous act, you can diffuse the smoke of Satan. His fumes engulf the world at this time, but to be able to recognise his presence is more difficult, than you can imagine. His influence is always hidden behind an exterior of concern; humanitarian acts and is presented in the most unexpected, but respectful way. The man who is blessed with the Gift of discernment will understand how Satan operates. He will recognise his works, no matter how carefully disguised they are presented to a world, which is blind to the Truth.

 Soon, My Voice will awaken within the hearts of men, their spirituality; a sense of who they are; an understanding as to whom they belong; and an awareness of the Eternal Life I will bring them. Know that when this awakening begins, that the Power of God will be felt, as God’s Justice arises out of the ashes, and when a beacon of Light brings life back into the barren field, which will have been left in a withered state, by the evil one. My Voice will be heard and many will be shocked when that day begins. It will peal out like thunder and every righteous man will bend down on one knee, in praise of God. I Am coming for those who are most undeserving of My Mercy, first. They are the ones who should be last, because of the way they treated Me. And, yet, they will be beckoned into My Kingdom first. The just will come last. The wicked will be left behind.

 No stone will be left unturned, up to the last second, and those who scream for My Mercy will be given it. Those who curse Me will be cursed.

  Your Jesus

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