Saturday, 21 July 2018

God the Father: The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities

Oh Heavenly Father of all! How much I love You! Thankyou for being with us every moment and showing us that Your Love for us will conquer all! No matter the scars of the earth, no matter the scars on our souls, You will see to it that all will be made beautiful and perfect ready to receive Your Beloved Son and Saviour of the world!

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have much to celebrate receiving this Message!

God is Giving us His Promise that all will be well in the end. He will reveal to us our Inheritance! Very soon this will come to be! Very soon His Divine Intervention will lift souls from this darkness and return the Light of Christ! 

The earth will be purified, rid of the smell of death, perversion and corruption! 

Our souls will be purified from sin and evil! 

That Day is coming! God will not permit the heresies to continue! He will not allow good souls to be snatched by satan and his minions. All that represents the serpent will vanish! God is Good - all the time!

His Power and Majesty will finally be realised - by those who always believed in Him, trusted in Him - and those who never understood Him, never allowed a relationship with Him, or those who denied Him! He will show us all - the proud, the humble, the arrogant, the submissive, the weak, the strong, the faithless, the faithful, the lost, the found, the broken and the repaired. All will see once and for all, the Ways of God becoming our Ways! His Will on earth as It Is in Heaven! 

Today is a Good Day! We are in God's Hands! We are His children! We are those whom God will keep safe and protected! We are Loved by Him! 

Rejoice and be glad for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

 God the Father: The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities

 Sunday, October 12th, 2014 @ 18:40

 My dearest daughter, many changes will come about as the time for the Second Coming of My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, draws closer.

 Fear not, My children, for these things must come to pass in order that My children are purified, so they can rejoice when the Day comes for the world without end to begin. My Promises have always been fulfilled and all will end well.

 I desire that you beg for Mercy, for every single soul alive in the world, so that the human race can unite, as one, in My Eyes. Soon, the hatred, the evil and the injustices in the world will come to an abrupt end, and the Light of My Kingdom will shine down upon you. Peace will reign and love will fill the earth, as the New Paradise is unveiled in all its splendour. My Justice will eradicate all evil, and those who cling to the devil, despite My Intervention, will be cast away. Then, no more tears will be shed and the final part of My Covenant will be concluded.

 Rise, My children, lift up your hearts in hope and trust. I will intervene in many ways to prevent evil acts, deceitful betrayals and heresy from destroying you. My Time has dawned and My enemies will be struck down as I strive to set everything in its correct order, so that all will be ready.The land will be purified, just as My children will be cleansed of all iniquities, and I will raise up the meek, the humble and those with tender hearts, to take their places in the New Heaven and New Earth.

 Never lose hope, for all Power is Mine. Come to Me, My little ones, and draw comfort from My unconditional Love for you. Trust in Me and all glory will be yours.

  Your beloved Father

 God the Most High

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