Saturday, 21 July 2018

I give you now, the final Crusade Prayer

Jesus tells us the saddest of Messages so far, He is inconsolable now as He sees the many of His sacred servants confused, defiant or just plain scared. The time for the last Crusade Prayer to be given in this Mission had to come sooner or later and it seems appropriate that the last one should be for Jesus' priests! 

Will they recite this prayer daily? Only Jesus Himself knows who will and who won't. But I think to make up for those priests who are blind, proud and arrogant, we should all pray this prayer daily as an offering on their behalf. 

We cannot leave Jesus alone! He sees the path of destruction His sacred servants are on and for those who are close to Him, the persecution they will receive in staying by His Pierced Side! 

None of us can imagine how Jesus is hurting now. He has been privy to the goings on behind closed doors at this Synod taking place for still another 5 days. He can hear what they are saying, what they are arguing about, what they are planning and the tears some of them are shedding! Some cardinals, bishops and priests must be grieving over what is being construed at this time by the false prophet even though they are unaware they are in his midst. They can see that the Doctrines and Teachings Christ set down are being dismantled! They are in turmoil! Then the others are clapping their hands with glee knowing what is coming! 

Let's try as hard as we can to offer up some comfort to Jesus by praying this prayer on behalf of all sacred servants everywhere no matter what denomination. They need to make a clear choice who they will follow. Just today I have emailed this Message to a local priest full of pride who refuses these Messages and I simply asked him a few questions in line with the choices he must make - for or against Christ. Simple!

But it won't be simple for those priests who are so full of love for Christ to refuse what is being handed down the pike from the Vatican when all they know is to be obedient to 'holy' father - admirable at least when we had a Holy Father! But now their obedience must sideline the false prophet and side with Christ and only Christ! 

Yes Jesus is Weeping like He did in the Garden of Gethsemane all over again! We must put our arms around Him as He Weeps and tell Him "Jesus I will stay by Your Side while the Pain is so Great for You, take my veil and wipe Your Tears".

St Veronica, Pray for us!

I give you now, the final Crusade Prayer

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 21:10

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Heart is so broken at this time. The traitors have pierced My Side and the earth is now being flooded with an outpouring of My Grief, which is so intense, that I cannot be comforted.

  I ask now, who among My sacred servants will be strong enough to uphold the Truth?

 I give you, the final Crusade Prayer. It is for priests. I ask that My sacred servants recite it daily.

 Crusade Prayer (170) To uphold the Holy Word of God.

 O Dear Lord, my beloved Jesus Christ  Hold me. Protect me.  Keep me in the Light of Your Face, as my persecution intensifies, when my only sin is to uphold the Truth, the Holy Word of God.

 Help me to find the courage to serve you faithfully at all times.

 Give me Your Courage and Your Strength, as I fight to defend Your Teachings against fierce opposition.

 Never desert me, Jesus, in my time of need and provide me with everything I need to continue to serve You,

through the provision of the Holy Sacraments and Your Precious Body and Blood, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

 Bless me Jesus.  Walk with me.  Rest in me.  Stay with me.


 Your Jesus

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