Saturday, 21 July 2018

You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men

How many of us believe from time to time that we are such wicked sinners who cannot possibly be worthy enough to ask Jesus for Forgiveness and Mercy? Most of us I dare say. But the Truth is, our sinful states are something that God Our Creator is more than understanding about. He knows that through the fall of Adam and Eve our souls would be rendered with a legacy of Original Sin until our Baptism and from then on through the fall of lucifer, our souls would be at his disposal through our misguided choices. 

We see then that even though we are sinners and wicked ones at that, we still need to drop our pride and our careless assumptions and self-administered exile and beg Our Dear Lord to Forgive us and restore our souls to purity. This is why the Holy Sacrament of Confession for Catholics and the Crusade Prayer #8 are so needed. Our priests tell us little about the benefits of the Confessional and the Graces we receive when we avail ourselves. This is part of the ‘dumbing down’ or ‘watering down’ of the Truth and our need to hear it from the pulpit. 

I guess if we are given the choice to be divided into two halves on the Last Day by the Angels of Heaven at God’s Command, then I hope most of us would adequately prepare our souls to be in the best position possible to be placed on the correct side! 

Let’s not cut our noses off to spite our faces! Let’s grasp our humanness in all its misery in times of sin and look at it as an opportunity for cleansing and repairing. A new hope for our future reunion with Christ in His Kingdom. We owe it to ourselves and our priests owe it to us to tell us the absolute Truth no matter how hard it might be to hear. Preparing us for the battle for our souls. Any weapon in any battle needs the appropriate preparation to work properly. So too our souls when we have to fight off satan!

 You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men

 Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 @ 21:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, the betrayal of Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, is rampant amongst those who say they serve Me. Even those who say they are My loyal servants have deserted Me and their faith is but just a glimmer of its former state. What began with a love and compassion for Me, has been reduced to a fraction of what it was before and this has been caused by many things.

 So much disdain for My Church came about because of fallen souls within it who were led into grave sin. Many innocent sacred servants of Mine suffered because of the sins of others, and this brought them great shame. Then, when the Laws of God were pushed to one side and barely spoken about, many forgot that the Commandments of God had to be upheld at all costs. If My sacred servants stopped preaching the Truth, and dismissed the importance of addressing the existence of sin, how then could God’s children be any the wiser? My sacred servants have a moral duty to uphold the Word of God and to warn God’s children about the danger of sin. But this, they have decided not to do. Many are afraid to preach the Truth for fear of being persecuted by those who will blame them for the sins of others.

 During My time on earth I never hesitated to preach about the punishment, which man will face lest he seeks God’s forgiveness for his sins. Fear of God’s punishment should not be the reason to avoid sin but only so that you, the sinner, can be saved. Sin is something you have to live with but you must never accept it. You must fight it for I desire to save your souls. Why would I not desire to save your souls, whatever the cost? Did I not suffer for you and die an agonising death on the Cross so that you could be redeemed in God’s Eyes? Why then do My sacred servants not preach about the absolute necessity to seek eternal life? If you do not seek Eternal Life, then you will not find it.

 It is the duty of all those who serve Me to help save man from eternal damnation. The Truth has been hidden for so long that many souls, due to their complacency, have been lost to Me. Know that I will send forth My Angels on the last day and that man will be divided into two halves – those who have committed atrocities and those who are of Me. I ask you, My sacred servants, to tell the Truth for if you do not, then you will lose Me many souls and for that I will never forgive you.

 You either serve God, or give in to the folly of men.

 Your Jesus

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