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Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist

Our Merciful Jesus is never going to give up giving each person a chance for their Salvation to be realised. But He reminds us that we are not safe. satan is hidden, so he gets away with his antics more easily. If people don't even believe he exists or that hell is an actual place - for eternity, then wrong just doesn't seem 'that' wrong. Those that are easily influenced already by wicked or immoral gestures are going to sink deeper into the black hole they put themselves in. Without our prayers to assist them to find The Light, they will not even realise that they have souls, let alone need to save them. This is such a coup for satan. he blinds those who are blind to him even more!

What Jesus is telling us is that satan can only mimick. he hasn't got any notion of being original. he can only see what Jesus Is and Does and then goes about doing the opposite. With every attempt Jesus makes to gain a soul, we can bet that satan is doing his darndest to pry that soul away. he has been winning for a while now, but his winning streak is coming to an end and a bitter one at that! 

Sin in very soon-to-be times will not be seen as sin anymore because so many consciences of people will be made soup! It is only when we challenge ourselves to do what is right and to try very hard not to sin because we know and remind ourselves how bad it is to sin, that our consciences are kept alive and healthy. Our moral compasses are better able to keep on the straight and narrow path, but those who believe and live like sin is irrelevant, couldn't care less if they have a compass of morality because to them, immoral behaviour is a good thing, a means to a very lustful end. satan is full of pride and arrogance and laughs when he parades a soul in front of Jesus with our sins. he uses our sins to mock Christ. How sad that Jesus has these sins of flesh placed before His Eyes! It is difficult for us to be placed in a situation where even a glimpse gives us chills. 

We have to always be on guard for ourselves, never to accept the wrong even when it is paraded in front of us as right - it cannot be! We have to exercise our strength and resolve to overcome such sins. We cannot give in to them even for a moment, because that is the back door that satan uses to coerce us into even deeper sin. he is so cunning. Can't we just hear his provocative, eerie voice goading and tempting us to do what he gets sick pleasure out of watching? If we imagine that when a person finds pornography exciting (perish the thought) and that satan is right there in the middle of it laughing and languishing in the lust, then surely we would all be so sickened that it just wouldn't, couldn't happen! Unfortunately when we don't believe satan exists, then it is almost impossible to see the perversion then.

This is so important - Know our enemy! Know how he operates! Know how he would speak! he is a snake don't forget! a viper! Why would any of us want to cave into what he is tempting us with?

Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 @ 20:40

 My dearly beloved daughter, how I thirst for the love of man and how they thirst for Me. But, the division that separates man from Me, The Giver of Life, is the greatest enemy of the human race.
 Satan, whose cunning deceitful ways has meant he creates great divisions in the world. That he is hidden, gives him great power over men’s souls. His evil influence creates doubts about My Existence in those with little faith. He convinces others, who do not believe in Me, that man is responsible for whatever choices he makes. His soothing influence, as he tempts man, convinces those he gains access to that wrong is right and right is wrong. He presents love as lust; hatred as a form of desire; and envy and jealousy as a means by which to justify the destruction of another person’s life.

 Every idea, every desire, every longing and craving he plants in the souls of men, leads them into sin. So much infestation amongst mankind, at this time, has meant that pure love, which comes from God, has been replaced with lust. Everything, which springs from the serpent, will be presented within the hearts of the sinner as being a good thing. Sin, is always justified by sinners who succumb to the devil. Sin, once justified, is then glorified until it resembles a great act – worthy of recognition.

 Woe to the man who dares to challenge those who glorify sin. The sinner who embraces sin, with great rejoicing, will influence others to do the same. Today, the influence of the evil one can be seen everywhere. Whereas once, sinful acts were carefully hidden, now they have no shame in presenting them for the world to witness. All that is abhorrent to Me is being embraced with great relish. Wrong is presented as being right and all that is right, according to the Laws of God, is deemed to be wrong. When the devil is at work, everything will be presented back to front and the exact opposite to that, which comes from Me. Know that when My Word is declared to be wrong that the influence of the evil one has reached its peak.

 Remember that after the Second Coming, Purgatory will not exist. Heaven and earth will become one and Hell will become the dwelling place for those, who idolise the devil, and all that comes from him. The fumes of his evil and wicked ways have infested both those who believe in Me, as well as those who reject Me. No one is safe.

 Prayer, My beloved followers, is your refuge. Uphold My Word and pray, not for yourself, but for those who have entered into a contract with the evil one. They need your prayers, morning, noon and night.

 Your Jesus

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