Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared

Oooh! Jesus tells us something that must be new to all of us to hear! He will include those whose names are not in the Book of The Living if they are brought to Him by His Remnant! This is a HUGE Message!

This is how Great His Mercy is!

We knew that we needed to live our lives entrusted to Him to be in the Book of The Living, but now He extends His Precious Hand to those who are presented to Him through our prayers, prayer requests and Mass offerings!

Our campaign as soldiers in Christ's Army is to battle head on those who have allowed satan and his minions to move within them. We must pursue those souls who need to find Jesus while the going is good. This time has been afforded by God to mankind so more souls will come to Him through conversion! The Illumination will support this outcome!

We are in Jesus' Merciful Hands. We trust that He will give us the Graces and the Protection we need in bringing these souls to Him. But we MUST continue to PRAY the CRUSADE AND LITANY PRAYERS! This is paramount!

For those who have reluctance to speak His Truth through these Messages, take heart, The Holy Spirit will give us all the Graces to speak for Him! We can do this! We can bring His Holy Word to those who need to be comforted through all their suffering! 

Jesus is our Rock, our Sword, our Shield! Alleluia!

 The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 @ 18:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, all that I revealed to the world, through these messages, will be fulfilled. Many of those who know these messages will, sadly, continue to suppress My Word. Others, who are not privy to these messages will oppose My Word, given to them in the Holy Gospels.

 I call on all those who walk with Me on this earth, and I ask them to trust in Me. Live by My Word and you will not die. Live your lives, according to the Truth, and I will pour great Graces over you and those, whose names you place before Me. As the world plunges into darkness – as wars break out everywhere, and when disease and famine grip humanity – My Intervention will be witnessed. I protect all those who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart. I uplift those whose hearts may be heavy, and I will bring peace and a calmness of soul to those who ask Me for these Gifts.

 Only I, Jesus Christ, can lift your burden. Only I can defeat your enemies and those, who abuse power and influence to destroy you for their own gain. Only you, My beloved followers, can bring Me the souls of those who reject Me, who dismiss Me and who deny Me. Many of them will never come to Me, although I welcome them into My Mercy.

 You must continue to use the prayers you were given. Stay close to Me for when you do, you will be given every protection from evil. You must be strong, courageous and remain calm for I will never leave your side. I will walk with you and hold you. I will comfort you. I will wipe away every tear and, soon, I will envelop you and your loved ones into My Loving Arms.

 The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared and singled out for all those whose names are in the Book of the Living. But, My Mercy is so great that I will welcome, into My New Paradise, those whose names are not included if you bring Me these souls, through your prayers.

  Your beloved Jesus

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