Saturday, 21 July 2018

My Love for humanity is infinite

Our Sweet Jesus Loves us so, so much. We cannot understand in our humanness just how much He does!

He is imploring us to pray for those who commit atrocity - murdering another in the Name of God. No one is permitted to do these things for God is the only One Who can take life away. It is His Privilege alone! 

When we see these perpetrators of such horrors, we generally, in the first instance, condemn their actions, then we sometimes condemn them as murderers. However, this would be wrong in the Eyes of God. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for them. 

Next time we see an image of a beheading, abortion, murder of any sort, then look with Christ's Compassion for that person because to Jesus, that person is a SOUL!

All souls have a right to their Inheritance, but sadly a lot of these souls are under satan's possession and so do not even avail themselves to Salvation. This is where Jesus is begging us to pray for them! 

It is difficult. We have been formed from childhood to see murderers as hellraisers that will go to hell for the mortal sin they have committed. But truly, this programming is wrong! We have no right to judge a soul no matter their sinful state. Jesus can Infuse His Love into their hearts at His Whim. He can transform their hearts! So we should never for one minute think they have 'cooked their goose'. 

Let's give Jesus what He Needs! He needs the souls of those who kill in His Name, kill for the sake of killing, or kill for convenience. He NEEDS them! Pray for them! Ask Jesus to touch them! 

We have a duty of care for these souls! For the souls of the lost and tortured! 

This is the Mission and this is our job sheet! Miracles will be seen through the conversions which will come about! That is worth everything!

So next time, probably today, see the person as a soul needing Salvation. Pray for them in that moment. Offer their souls to Jesus - He will do the rest!

My Love for humanity is infinite

 Saturday, October 11th, 2014 @ 01:00

  My dearly beloved daughter, My Love for humanity is infinite. My Love is intense and protective. It is pure, and I overlook many faults because of My deep affection for sinners.

 I hold souls within My Compassion and there is nothing I will not do to save them, so I can unite everyone as one in Me. My tears flow, however, in great torrents at this time, because of the way God’s children are being hurt, abused, tortured, humiliated, scourged and killed by the enemies of He Who created the world. Those who cause such suffering are completely under the influence of the evil spirits, who poison their minds with lies, hatred and a disregard for human life. Not for one minute can a man ever say that he is carrying out an act in God’s Name when he kills another human being. Those who create wars and cause genocide, in any form, and who say they are working for the Glory of God, deceive not only themselves but those they recruit, to carry out their wicked intentions.

 My Love is so powerful that if you were to pray for these poor lost souls, who believe that killing others in the Name of God, is a good thing, which will bring them honour, I will show them My Mercy, by awakening, within them, the Spirit of Truth. Do not let your hearts become heavy. Instead, know that while these most vile acts, which are committed by those who destroy lives are terrifying, in My Divine Justice, I will put an end to these horrors.

 I will lift all of you, who have warm and tender hearts, in an instant, into My Sacred Heart and save you, such is My Love for you. My beloved followers you will not have to endure the pain of physical death. That I promise, if you help Me, through your prayers, to salvage the souls of those who need My Forgiveness and My Mercy the most.

 Help Me in this great endeavour and soon all will be aglow with the brightness and the Glory of My New Kingdom. Here, you will live forever without a care in the world. Love for Me, My Eternal Father, your family and friends will reign throughout the world, which will have no end.

 Go in peace to love and to serve Me.

 Your Jesus

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