Saturday, 21 July 2018

When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives


Our hearts in the physical sense keep beating to keep the blood flowing through our entire bodies to ensure that our organs, our tissues, our cells and our bones all function to their best capacity. We need to exercise our hearts to be full of energy and vitality. We often think of our hearts as just another organ, but truly without it's functioning we become weaker and weaker to the point of death. So we all know our heart is important to life. 

Ok with that said, God in His All Powerful Intelligence, did something a little more exciting for us when He Created our heart. He made it more than just an organ - He made it have a wisdom, a feeling, an emotion, a shelter to house God's Love - a Love that is innate in all humanity. But what happens to our hearts when they no longer allow love within it? Well it becomes weaker and weaker to the point of desolation, even hatred. It dies!

What God would like for us and what Jesus is telling us, is that we must ensure that we exercise our hearts in love and consideration for others, in selfless desire to grow opportunities to help others. Being compassionate by nature, we need to keep being compassionate. God Created us in His Image, so it is true to say that love was infused in each and every one of us, however, through free will, we decided along the way, that our hearts weren't worth being the shelters for love but moreover, shelters for hatred. How this must hurt Our Father tremendously. This is not what He Created our hearts to become. 

The only way we can counter the darkness and hardness in our hearts is to acknowledge He Who is Love! He Who placed love in our hearts! 

He is the Key to unlock our hardened, stone-cold hearts! Are we prepared to help our hearts become more loving by beckoning Him to Breathe His Love back into our hearts in order to be love to others? Isn't that the only Way we will soften and return our hearts back to holy shelters? 

Let's give over our hearts back to He Who gave them to us! Ask God to restore the love and beauty of Him into these hearts of ours, make them vital again and full of loving energy! So that we can bring our hearts to those who know innately that their hardened hearts truly desire to be loving again!

When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 20:25

My dearly beloved daughter, how cold the hearts of men have become. How little do they care for the needs of others or the Gift of life. They have allowed their hearts to fester because they no longer have the capacity for true love to reign within their souls. Once love is weakened, and when charity for each other’s needs becomes scarce, then nothing but injustice will be forthcoming.

 When love diminishes, God is diminished in your lives. For those who may once have loved Me, and who no longer believe in Me, their hearts will turn to stone. When you turn your back on love for one another, you will become barren and restless. Your lack of love will lead you into accepting every kind of practice, which is abhorrent to Me. Everything that I stand for will be dismissed by you. All life, given to humanity, by the Power of God, will be tampered with and, in many cases, destroyed by you. Your respect for God’s Laws and human life no longer mean anything. Your attachment to all earthly things, and the worldly goods they yield, will leave you without satisfaction.

 When you harden your hearts against God, humanity suffers greatly. When the power of evil replaces the love that the world once had for Me, Jesus Christ, know then that the times are almost upon you.

 Give up your wayward and foolhardy pursuits of pleasure. Do not attempt to change the Laws of God to suit your sinful lives. Ask, ask, ask for My Intervention, so that I can show you the Way. If you do not turn back to the path of Eternal Life, which was carved out for every child of God, then you can never be part of My Kingdom.

Your Jesus

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