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Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces

To all those who oppose Jesus in this time of prophecy to prepare the world for His Second Coming, those who oppose these Messages and the messenger Maria Divine Mercy, those who believe they know Christ yet choose to ignore what He is telling us through these Divine Messages and those who oppose God's Laws, who run the Global Elite, who lead countries but whose laws are contrary to God's Laws, who act unjustly, who persecute others, who murder innocent people and unborn babies, know that God very soon is going to Chastise the earth to rid humanity from the scourge of evil and corruption and immorality. 

No longer able to hold His Hand back, Jesus is telling us here that God will stop all of this abruptly! 

It is time!

God has told us through these Messages that He will help humanity get back on track. He will stop those who set out to hurt His children. Those who are ignorant of God and who don't know the right way to live because they have never known God will be shown Mercy, however, this is not the same necessarily for those who know what they are doing very well and choose to go against God anyhow. Their punishment will be harsh.

As Jesus says "Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces by the Hand of My Eternal Father. Oppose God and you will suffer for this - You will have no time to seek God’s Mercy." This is devastating news for those who wish to carry on with their godless ways! Our prayers and sufferings and those sacrifices chosen children will offer for the opposers will be all they have to give them even half a chance of being saved. If they still on the last day tell God 'take a híke', then woe to them - their eternity will be spent in perdition!

Humanity is in great need of the Warning, but this being Jesus' Great Gift to humanity will only be given if the stubborn and proud are sorted out a little by God to bring them to some sort of humility in order to have the chance to accept Christ's Mercy and beg Him for forgiveness. That is why God chastises us. He needs us to get on our knees and finally relent from our pride and arrogance and say "God I need You now". The greatest and most emotional conversions I have known personally are from those who were atheists with all the stubbornness they could muster, but through a Divine Gift no matter what it was, they turned from their cold heartedness and got on their knees sobbing, knowing that they finally 'Got God'. It isn't the fact that God was not there for them - it is that they did not want to be given over to God! 

Let's pray this Crusade Prayer #169 with fervour!

There are many souls who, though they are unaware of it, need it and rely on it for their Salvation!

 Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces

 Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 @ 23:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, My enemies may scorn My Word – the Truth – but the day will come when they will hang their heads in shame and remorse when they stand before Me.

 In the days of Noah, he and those chosen to help him to prepare for the Justice of God, were ridiculed. They were sneered at, persecuted and every attempt was made to discredit the instructions given to Noah by God. Obedient to the last, Noah begged for mercy for their souls. He urged them to seek refuge with him but he was ignored. And so it will be up to the Great Day of the Lord. Only a remnant will be ready to greet Me along with all those, who will find it in their hearts to accept My Mercy, during the Warning.

 I ask all those who believe in Me, and My Promise to come again in great glory, to pray for those who scorn this mission for they have been given the Gift of the Truth but choose to throw it back in My Face. All those with warm and tender hearts, and a meekness of soul, will be drawn into My Arms, no matter what faith or creed they follow, for they are of Me. Those who do not know the Word of God will be shown great mercy and those who convert during the Warning will also dwell in My Arms. I will reach out to all souls, whose hearts are warm and who show love and mercy to their brothers and sisters.

 The greatest battle will be when I reach out to the arrogant and proud, who lack true love and who are without a generous spirit. It is for these souls that I urge your prayers. But, it will be for those who have sold their souls to the devil, in the full knowledge of what they have done, that I ask you to beg for My Mercy the most. They will not come to Me, on their own accord, and so it will only be through the suffering of chosen souls, who have consecrated themselves to Me, and your own offerings, that they can be saved. Please recite this prayer to save all sinners.

  Crusade Prayer (169) For the salvation of those who reject Christ

  Dearest Jesus, by Your Compassion and Mercy,  I beg you for the salvation of those who have rejected You;  Who deny Your Existence;  Who deliberately oppose Your Holy Word and whose bitter hearts have poisoned their souls against the Light and the Truth of Your Divinity.  Have Mercy on all sinners.  Forgive those who blaspheme against the Holy Trinity and  Help me, in my own way, and through my personal sacrifices, to embrace within Your Loving Arms, those sinners who need Your Mercy the most.  I give You my promise, that through my thoughts, my actions and the spoken word, to serve You as best I can in Your Mission of Salvation.  Amen.

  Go all of you and gather in prayer, for the Justice of God will be seen soon for the world to witness. It is because of the wickedness of man, his peevish actions and his hatred for his fellow man that God will stop him from the devastation, which is being orchestrated in every way against the human race.

 Put down your armour, for it will be crushed into tiny pieces by the Hand of My Eternal Father. Oppose God and you will suffer for this. But when you try to hurt humanity on a large scale through the abuse of power, you will be stopped abruptly. You will have no time to seek God’s Mercy.

 Your Jesus

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