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Mother of Salvation: Many will be stripped of their titles

His True Church the Remnant although small in number and weakened will remain intact through the Crucifixion of Christ's Bride on earth. Many of the situations which Jesus has been relaying to us through this Mission are beginning to become more clear each day. We can see the commencement of the destruction His Church will face as false doctrines and teachings will come to bear. We are grieving the Church but more-so we are grieving along with the good, holy sacred servants who too, are crying bitter tears as they see the Church they were ordained in becomes a train wreck. 

This train wreck for the Church is being assisted by those within who know what they are doing and who they are serving - and it isn't Jesus!

Those who are traditional, orthodox and stand for Truth will be shunned very soon. Already we have seen Cardinals sidelined and demoted to silence their opposition to changes being considered, soon-to-be introduced to doctrines, teachings and Sacraments.

Soon it will be 'free-for-all', ' come-as-you-are', humanitarian, charitable organization instead of Christ's Church for the espousal of Truth. A new world religion. A throne being prepared for the antichrist. Poor, poor Jesus is Suffering so much! 

So our prayers are for those who love Jesus and will testify always to Truth. Equally our prayers are for those who are torturing the Church and Her sacred servants in pursuit of their goal - they are souls precious to Christ and only prayer can assist them to reach their Salvation should they repent for their transgressions!

Jesus' holy sacred servants are battling the front lines. They are armed in combat against satan's forces upon the earth - inside the Church! Our prayers must sustain them through their suffering and trials. So difficult will it be made for them by those in the hierarchy, that many will be stripped of title and thrown out to fend for themselves. It isn't too far a stretch to feel that perhaps they will be saved by being thrown out. Because to remain will definitely expose them to a greater evil. Would these words have been uttered several years ago? This might have been on the radar, but surely we had no idea that this day would come before our eyes. Our priests having to flee to the Refuge of Christ's Sacred Heart for their only consolation!

There will come a day when these priests who stand firm with Christ, will need to be given shelter, food and availability to offer the Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments by us in safety. Many of us in the Mission have set aside hosts for Holy Communion that these priests will need, but won't necessarily have access to. Any efforts we can make to allow them security and comfort will be appreciated. Jesus will show them The Way. 

Pray for our priests. Men who turned their backs on what society perceives as 'normal' but chose instead their own 'normal' which was to obey, honour and represent Christ on earth. We are so grateful to them.

Mother of Salvation: Many will be stripped of their titles

 Friday, October 17th, 2014 @ 15:30

 My dear children, please pray for my Son’s loyal sacred servants as future events take place. Many will be stripped of their titles and sent out into the wilderness, in disgrace. Turmoil and confusion will spread within my Son’s Church but the traitors will rise in great numbers and many will follow them. Other Christian Churches will become close to the newly adapted church, and then all will be set in place for a new global religion to rise up. This new form of church will, at first, seem to be a breath of fresh air for many who desire change. Then, it will become clear that it serves only those who want the Laws of God, changed in order to suit their sinful lives. This church will lose the entire Faith. It will have all the appearances of a new, renewed church of God but any symbols, which are meant to glorify my Son, will be nothing of the sort.

 Then, as the time becomes ripe, the new one world church will be announced and it will be seen as a great humanitarian institution. It will be intrinsically linked to the world of politics and business. Then those who never belonged to any creed will join it. How they will rejoice, because every sin will be excused and so many people will be relieved, because they will be able to live their lives as they choose. No longer will they have to worry about offending God, because they will not regard sin as something to worry about.

 The new church, in order to exude a sense of worthiness, will promote humanitarian works and charities and the whole world will applaud it. Soon afterwards, there will be no distinction made between it and global political alliances and business organisations, dedicated to philanthropy.

Meanwhile, my Son’s true Church, as it was built by Him, will remain alive but weakened. Small in numbers, the remnant church, will never give up even when the Antichrist takes over.

 Pray, pray, pray that my Son’s sacred servants will overcome their fear and stand up to proclaim the Truth, even when their voices are drowned out by those who betray my Son.

 Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

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