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Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man

History is repeating itself. Those who appear to follow the Word of God will be pulling the strings of those who will carry out their dreadful deeds for the Church as in Jesus. What they did to Him will be what they do to what represents Him on earth today. Much is happening behind closed doors of most Churches in existence. Men (and women) are getting their opinions together and concluding that change must occur in order to move forward. Change what? Change what is Good! What is Good has become 'mundane', 'boring', 'unworkable'. Why do they think this? Because their sordid lives of convenience, comfort, ambition, greed, immorality and deceit cannot be on the same plane as God's Laws, God's Grace and God's Will! So the only way they want to 'fix' it, is to manipulate Truth to make it a deceitful way of enduring the only way of life they have known. What they actually wish to change reflects exactly what they don't want to change - THEMSELVES! How ironic!

Mother of Salvation is giving us some consolation here when She speaks of death not having power. If death had power, then Christ would not have Died on The Cross! satan's power was over that Day! This End of Times that we are now living in, replicates That Day again but this time, satan's time will end. his power will end. By Jesus' Death, He conquered over evil, He overcame! We are being given God's Promise that if we indeed stay close to His Son throughout this campaign, we will be given a Life Eternal in Paradise where our bodies will become perfect and our essence will be in Mystical Union with Christ! Praise Jesus!

We have much to look forward to but we will witness the struggle to stay True to Christ. It seems unfathomable to separate ourselves from Him, but it seems satan is efficient in his panic so he won't make it easy for us to free ourselves from his clutches to get to Jesus. This is why it is imperative to pray the Mission's Prayers each day. Make it your daily offering for souls to do this. Once a routine is established, it is more difficult to begin the day without having prayed this way. We owe it to Jesus. We owe it to all others, and we owe it to ourselves. Mother of Salvation please Intercede for Your children in these times. We need You, we love You, Help us in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Mother of Salvation: Death will soon have no power over man

Friday, October 10th, 2014 @ 13:10

 My dear children, the Crucifixion of my Son was significant, in many ways. It was not only by the hands of the Roman soldiers that He was killed but on the orders of those who claimed to be dedicated followers of the Word of God.

 His scourging, persecution and death were carried out under the instructions of those who led the faithful in the Temple of God. They discarded all that they knew to be the Truth, because they refused to accept that my Son, Jesus Christ, was the Messiah. Every Law, dictated by God, was flouted as they took pleasure in my Son’s execution.

 Before the Day of the Lord comes they will re-enact His Crucifixion. They will scourge Him, through their betrayal of His Holy Word. They will persecute those who remain loyal to Him and, then, they will desecrate His Body. But they will fail to kill Him, for His Body – His Church – cannot die and it will remain standing, albeit in a fragile state, until the end.

 At this time, you must remember that all life comes from God. Death has no power over God. Life, once given, can never die. Death will soon have no power over man and through the Resurrection of my Son, man will also have Eternal Life of the body and of the soul. Those who trust in Christ and stay true to Him will have life. Only those who completely reject Him will not.

 Rejoice in the knowledge that a glorious life awaits all of you, who adhere to the Holy Word of God, for death will never destroy you.

 Your Beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

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