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Mother of Salvation: The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions

Mother of Salvation reminds us to recite the Ten Commandments as often as possible to understand and acknowledge exactly what is expected of us as God's children. This way too, we will recognise much more vividly those who oppose God and the Commandments He Gave.

It seems that those who oppose the Truth of God's Word as It Is Given will find God's Mercy harder to come by. Yes God is Merciful and yes God will Forgive, but finish the sentence.......only when we are truly remorseful and contrite and willing to repent and repair for the sins committed. It can only be this way to be acceptable in God's Eyes.

However it will become apparent that anything and everything will be flaunted in front of us, even on the Altars of Christ's Church, the horrendous sinfulness that can never be acceptable to God! They will have us believe that everything is good in God's Eyes. How on earth can that be swallowed!

Don't think for a moment this will all go undetected by He Who Sees All! They will pay dearly for committing their offences and dragging the millions along with them. Our prayers must continue to help Christ gain these poor souls who cannot see the deceptions they have been drawn into. They cannot because they refuse to acknowledge the Truth in these Messages. 

Just today I was unfortunate to be the brunt of condemnation from a couple of Traditionalists who through pride and arrogance cannot bring themselves in humility to even read the Messages when shown to them. They counter everything said with 'you cannot answer with Scriptural integrity' - fine maybe I am not adept at Scripture like they all are, but I would rather remain in my naivity knowing that I listen to the Words Jesus Speaks in this Mission and understand them as best as one can. His Words are the best words we can use to enlighten others.

Jesus knows the only way He can safeguard us is to remind us to pray for those who attack us so it is water off a duck's back when they tell us we are part of a cult (which cannot exist within the Catholic Church).

Again we are encouraged to follow Christ's Teachings and God's Commandments and remain ever vigilant to the snares satan places before us.

 Mother of Salvation: The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions

Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 13:55

 My dear children, the Ten Commandments laid down by God can never be re-written, because that would be a sacrilege. Man can never tamper with the Word and the day will come when the Wrath of God will descend upon humanity, when the Ten Commandments are deemed by man to be flawed. When this happens, know that God’s Word will no longer be revered and that humanity will be led into grave error.

 No man, or sacred servant, has been given the authority to overturn the Ten Commandments or the Word of God. No excuse can ever be made to deny the Truth of the Word of God. The Laws of God will soon be overturned by millions of people. Then, all those who fall for the deceit, which will come about as a result, will be blinded by darkness. The Holy Spirit can never enlighten those who deny the Word or who condone sin. When the Holy Spirit is no longer present, and when the Word has been adapted, to suit the selfish needs of man, then any new laws will mean nothing in God’s Eyes.

 The enemies of God will move quickly to overthrow the Truth and My Son’s Church will be divided into two. Those who staunchly defend the Truth will be cursed for speaking it. Those who utter profanities and declare these to be the Truth will be applauded. The spirit of evil will roost in the hearts of the misguided and many souls will be lost. They will not be able to present themselves before my Son and declare themselves to be whole, because they refuse to acknowledge the Truth given to them through God’s Mercy.

 It will soon be declared that God is Merciful towards all sinners, no matter what they do to offend Him. This is true, but when they offend Him, by presenting before Him every abomination and heresy and then declare that these are acceptable to God, He will turn away from them in disgust.

Man will be so full of his own desires, to suit his sinful life, that he will pronounce unlawful acts as being desirable in God’s Eyes. This will amount to lies. And, when they dare to present these before the altars of God, these souls will be cast out. Should you allow yourselves to be led into grave error, you will place your souls in grave danger.

 I ask that you recite the Ten Commandments as often as you can. By doing so, you will know what it is that is required of you in order to truly serve God.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

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