Saturday, 21 July 2018

Cursed are those who curse Me

Jesus through the faith that we observe in each other whether good or bad, it is hard to imagine that someone would have the audacity to ARGUE with their Jesus! It is understandable we would argue with a policeman, maybe a parent, maybe even a priest, but to argue with You, Our Saviour Jesus Christ, is just leaving us bewildered! What do these people think if they allow themselves to defend their evil actions or wickedness to the One Who is Mighty? 

Pride and arrogance must run so deep for this to happen. We have come across our fair share on here while in the Mission, but really these people give us opportunities to pray for them! If we didn't have exposure to their pompous charade they have going on for their own self-grandeur, then we wouldn't know they were there to be prayed for. This is where God uses adversity for Good. 

Little by little through the Crusade and Litany Prayers as well as the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet being prayed each day, we are being 'trained' and 'formed' to respond like Jesus would like us to, to these poor souls who feel very big about themselves. Jesus loves them and He wants them to drop their pride, but there will come a day when the chances to redeem themselves will cease and then they will need to choose for themselves if they prefer their own company or Christ's. 

Let's continue to pray for lost, wayward, proud, arrogant, worldly, narcissistic, self-absorbed and all the other vices that exist in souls, so that Jesus can welcome each one of them into Paradise. 

We all deserve a very real chance to fall to our knees in True contrition and beg for His Mercy. If we can do this in humility and submission, then only those who can't manage it, will find things a little difficult to negotiate from there on.....and we will continue to pray!

 Cursed are those who curse Me

Saturday, October 18th, 2014 @ 14:20

 My dearly beloved daughter, the evil one has gripped the hearts of many who believe in Me, because of the easy access they give him to their souls.

 Satan tempts souls through the senses as well as through the sin of pride. Those who believe that their intelligence, and their knowledge of the Holy Word of God, gives them the right to judge others in My Name, greatly offend Me. Full of pride, their narcissism means they believe they have the right to scorn others and to spill venom in My Name. Be wary of those who curse others and then say that they are of Me, because they speak with a wicked tongue. On the day when I come, these souls will cower in fear and shield their eyes from My Light, which will blind them.

 Always trust in My Mercy, for I will always forgive those who come before Me with true remorse in their souls for everything they said, did and carried out, which insulted Me. Fear, though, My Justice for it will be terrifying. I do not apologise for this. Know that the proud and the mighty, who have lost Me the souls I crave, through the wicked influence they exerted over others, will suffer. They will tremble in fear before My Throne but still, they will argue with Me and defend their evil ways, in the mistaken belief, that I will listen to them.

 Cursed are those who curse Me. Blessed are those who live their lives in love for others and who follow My Teachings, even if this causes them pain. I will raise up the just, but I will crush the wicked who turn their backs on the Word of God. Anyone who causes pain to others, and especially in My Name, will have to account to Me on the Final Day.

  Your Jesus

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