Saturday, 21 July 2018

My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly

Now would probably be a good time to ask ourselves 'Am I strong enough to stand by the Truth for Jesus in His Remnant Church?' There will come a time when the Church we always knew and relied upon will be unrecognisable. 

Are we strong enough to not be fearful in standing up for Truth as Jesus set down? 

Will we defend His Truth when the lies are spewed forth from the pulpits? 

What will our reaction be to these things which will happen to Crucify Christ's Body - His Own Church? 

Will we sit biting our bottom lip, move uncomfortably in our seats, smile when someone looks at us and then leave when it's over?

Or will we get up and speak out and say "No! This is not Truth! This is not what Christ Taught! We cannot sit here and allow falsification of the Teachings of Christ for His Church! This is the Apostasy! People open your eyes, lift off the veil which blinds you!" 

Well for some of us that thought makes us just shudder! It does for me! But how can we call ourselves Christ's Remnant faithful if we stay silent, without a word to help others to shake themselves from their stupor? 

It is probable that we may not be allowed to return to the Church- but would we actually want to, if they are bringing the 'new evangelisation' against God out in the open? 

Perhaps we will be better off to wait for Christ to lead us to the Refuges and seek to give Spiritual Communion in those days. It is a question that really none of us knows the answer to. 

We are who we are, but I think in these times, we cannot afford to be little squirrels - we have to be courageous as lions and meek as lambs in order to remain in Christ's Favour. 

It will be very difficult, no doubt about it, but we already know that those who persevere and continue against the tide will see Christ's Face for Eternity. 

So yes, now would be a good time to teach ourselves all about being strong and forthright in Truth, so that we won't get 'caught up' in the quagmire of deception!

My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 @ 20:45

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Church will be toppled and those who remain true to the Laws of God will suffer greatly because of this.

 My Church, My True Church, will crawl on its belly as every insult upon My Divinity and the Laws, laid down by My Eternal Father, is hurled at it. Locked within the gates of a gilded prison, many of My servants will be forced to swallow heresy. Not only that, but they will be made to preach it and to convince innocents, that the re-written Word of God, is acceptable in today’s world.

 The Anger of My Father, at this time has provoked outrage for, very soon, the Church – having changed beyond recognition – will prepare new rituals, new rules and practices, so that nothing will resemble the Church built by Me.

 All of these things have been permitted by My Father, as Satan tests the faith of those who are of Me. Woe to those who betray Me for they will take away with them, the souls of those whose names have been kept for Me. I will fight for these souls. I will punish those enemies of Mine because, through their deceit and cunning, they seduced souls and took them away from Me. For these sins, they will be lost to Me.

 My Church sprung from My Loins. I gave you My Body in death and this became My Church. Now it will be defiled and My Body will be crucified again. Not one ounce of shame will My enemies feel, for their lofty ambitions and self-gratification have nothing to do with Me.

 How easily led are those whose faith is weak. How easily led will be those souls, with a strong faith, for they will be fearful of defending the Truth. It will only be the remnant, and those with true allegiance to My Word, who will remain loyal to My Church. And it will be because of them that My Church will never die.

Your Jesus

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