Friday, 3 February 2017

Don’t you know that, after My Second Coming takes place, your soul will exist for eternity

 Hooray! Many will very soon hear the Truth in these Messages because Jesus will tug at the hearts of those who will read these Messages having believed before that the Messages were not authentic. Jesus is going to pull the wool from over their eyes! This is getting a little exciting as we anticipate more and more people - souls, coming to understand that the Truth is here before them and they will have the tools to choose Christ first and foremost! Of course there will be those who for a time may feel His Light in their lives, but sadly they will fall for the beast and choose to be with him for all eternity.

Do you think God will let them do this without changing the line-marking of the goal posts? Of course He will! If the precipice is almost right there for them to drop over, then He will extend where the precipice's edge is to give them a chance for their wills to change their hearts and call to Jesus for help! Our prayers are helping God change the goal posts!

Don't underestimate His use of our prayers! No matter what the personal cost to us to focus on prayer, know that God is taking all of them to Himself and bringing Salvation to those who would not have had the opportunity otherwise!

One day soon those who accept Christ will be in Paradise - ALL TOGETHER!!!!

Don’t you know that, after My Second Coming takes place, your soul will exist for eternity

 Monday, February 10th, 2014 @ 15:43

 My dearly beloved daughter, My Time is close and Heaven is preparing for the great banquet, when Heaven joins with the Earth to become one.

Many preparations are underway and My beloved Father plans to bring many Gifts to those who do not know Him. All of the angels and saints have joined together to pray for all souls, in the hope that all people, especially those who are ignorant of the existence of Heaven and Hell, are given the Truth.

 When souls are presented with the Word of God, they do not always welcome it. Instead, they shun the Word, when it is their only means of salvation. Why is man so stubborn and intent on believing only in what he wants and only that which satisfies his own ego? Why does man fail to see the correlation between sin in his life and the sense of dissatisfaction he feels, caused by his failure to accept that he is nothing? It is only because of the Love of My Father for the world and all of His children, that man has been given so many chances to become whole. Yet, he would rather live half a life, where God is placed into only certain parts and where it suits him.

 I, Jesus Christ, will open the minds of those who do not recognise the Word of God in these Messages, shortly. I will pull at their hearts and fill them with a longing for the Truth. When you are filled with falsities, presented with untruths and fed lies about sin and how it is seen in the Eyes of God – I will stand as a barrier to protect you. I will frustrate many, for I do not give up easily when man ignores the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I will become like a thorn in your side – like the sting of alcohol, when poured over an open wound. Very few will fail to ignore Me, but not all will accept My Final Gift of Eternal Salvation.

 Sadly, many will reject My Final Call and they will follow the beast instead and this means they will become lost for eternity. Don’t you know that, after My Second Coming takes place, your soul will exist for eternity?

 You will have to choose Eternal Life with Me, or eternal damnation with the devil. There is nothing in between. Each man will choose the path of his choice.

 Your Jesus

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