Friday, 3 February 2017

I will never ignore those who are lonely, sad, frightened and unsure as to whether or not God Exists

Our Wonderful, Beautiful Saviour Jesus has given such sweet consolation to those who have turned from Him. How He loves them so!

 No matter how much you believe in your hearts that you are no longer worthy to be called God's child, don't despair! Jesus is so ready and willing to accept you - He never left you! But He needs you to use your free will to accept Him again! He will show you His Intervention in your life! He will help you feel His Presence again! Deep within your heart, you have felt Jesus in your life, you know this, think about it sincerely!


Yes, see, you remember when He touched you! You remember when He saved you from that accident, from that person out to hurt you or threaten you. You said once, 'phew, just was well I 'touched wood'.' Did you not recall that Jesus got you out of that predicament? 

Don't remain turned away from the One who brought you your joy-filled moments, the One Who was with your spouse the day you married. What about the time you saw the face of your newborn child?

What about when you saw strife and suffering - did you not know that Jesus suffered right along with you? He wants you back! He wants you to love Him once more! All you need is to ask! Ask for Him to listen to you, hear you, answer you. Say to Him "Forgive me Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, have Mercy on me and place me back in Your Loving Heart". 

Do you know how many Precious Tears would fall from His Face? Trust Him! Come to Him! Do it today! Bring yourself to your knees - He will Bless you abundantly.

Please stay encouraged by God's Willingness to keep us close to Him! We will be witnesses to so much that will take place, but we will never need to be concerned about our future. God has us Marked with His Seal of The Living God - His Promise to protect us through all that will transpire! Feel Blessed! Our Heavenly Father has our backs!
Jesus loves you!

 I will never ignore those who are lonely, sad, frightened and unsure as to whether or not God Exists

Friday, February 7th, 2014 @ 23:38

  My dearly beloved daughter, as My Messages spread and as they ignite the need to encourage many to turn to Me, many miracles will be witnessed.

 Non-believers, those of every faith and those who have cut themselves off from Me because of their sinful lives, will convert. Of that, I promise you. The man whose eyes are closed will open them. Those with hatred in their hearts will cry tears of joy when the weight of their burden is lifted. The man who does not know Me at all will recognise Me. So many will come and call out to Me and the Presence of the Holy Spirit will be felt by many, when they finally accept that I have intervened to save them from all harm.

 My daughter, please reassure all those who feel saddened by the way in which My Existence in the world is being denied. Tell them, although every trace of Me will be vanquished, that by the Grace of God, I will continue to enlighten the souls of those who call out to Me. I will never forsake My own. I will never ignore those who are lonely, sad, frightened and unsure as to whether or not God Exists. By simply moving their pride to one side and asking Me for a sign of My Presence, I will respond to them. Never before have I intervened to such great magnitude, as I do now. It is because of My Desire to save the whole of humanity, that I will cut through to the hearts of those who, up to now, have denied Me, if and when they call out to Me.

 I await your response. I anticipate the love and joy, which I will fill your hearts and souls with, at the moment of reconciliation, for that is the sweetness of your conversion. That will be the time when you unlock your soul and allow the Light of God to bring you the greatest Gift you could ever imagine – the Gift of Eternal Life.

 Your Jesus

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