Friday, 3 February 2017

When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this

 This is a tough one! I am sure each person in the Remnant Army of Christ's Mission would hope and feel that Jesus is not referring to them! None of us, not one of us, wants to think or believe that we as individuals might or will somehow be drawn into the deceit which will befall the earth through the wicked intentions of the false prophet, his helpers and the antichrist. For myself, I see these Words in Jesus' Message and I feel somewhat rebellious - as though Jesus can't hear me say "Lord, I will never deny You!' Yeah and that is what Simon Peter did - 3 TIMES!

So I guess, in Jesus' Infinite Wisdom, He knows that I as well as all those who follow Him will be somehow, unbeknowns to us at this moment in time, have the greatest of tests! The test of faith shown to us! Dismay creeps in as I grapple with any notion that anyone on earth could take me away from my Jesus! I guess those who will do satan's bidding will have more power the more I think this way! So please most loved and cherished followers of Christ and His Mission to save souls, please don't fall for the deceptions that we witness.

When asked to pledge allegiance to the Beast - WALK OUT! Shout on the way out if you have to, how wrong they are! Accept that if they see your face around, they will curse you, but know in your heart, that you WILL NOT, CAN NOT accept any new false doctrine that honours satan! The unholy trinity are about to make their move into position! Stay awake! Claim what is rightfully yours! Keep all the tools of faith and Truth close to you and please, please don't be afraid for God is with us!

When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 @ 23:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, just as the faithful cry out: “No more – we can’t bear to watch evil triumph over good.” all pain will come to an abrupt end.

The purging of evil requires that it be allowed to spread first. This is a test for those men with wicked hearts, who will be the first to be drawn. As they plunge into a vacuum of evil, they will either resist the pain it will create in their souls or they will allow themselves to be taken to new depths, further and further away from the Realm of God.

 The souls of the faithful will be tested to the brink and they will be tormented by the confusion, which lies ahead of them. Many will know in their hearts, that what they believed to be true and which they have held close to their hearts, is no longer deemed to be the Truth. And so they will not be able to decide what is from Me and what is not. Their faith will be torn asunder and many will find themselves embroiled in a new manmade doctrine, which will never feel right. They will feel a sense of unease and many will not be able to confide their fears to those appointed as My sacred servants. They will not know who to turn to for the Truth.

  They will have to witness the public proclamation, which will glorify sin, when it is declared that humanity is weak – God knows that man, weakened by sin, is but just a victim. Instead of having to witness sin in all its ugliness, they will be forced to nod their agreement and accept the new laws, which will be introduced into the Church. They will be expected to pay homage to and respect the new laws, which will call all of you to respect man’s individuality and your right to be what you desire and do what you choose.

 When My followers, who fall for the deceit to come, deny Me, this does not mean they will say: “I do not believe in Jesus.” No, it will mean this. They will choose what part of My Teachings they want to believe in. Then they will decide what parts they do not agree with. Then they will say that Jesus would agree with this new interpretation, were He to walk the Earth today. Oh how little they have learned and how pride will pull them asunder. When the chastisement falls around them and when they realise how they have offended Me, they will scream in horror, when they come face to face with the justice which will be meted out to them.

  On that day, when the Truth is revealed, it will only be because of the prayers of My Remnant Army that those who brought disgrace upon themselves and who fought Me, their beloved Jesus, Who only wanted to bring them Mercy – that they will be saved.

  Your Jesus

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