Friday, 3 February 2017

Today, fewer people than ever believe in the Word of God

This Mission of Jesus through is final prophet cannot be separated from God's Holy Word! They are one and the same. The Word of God cannot be changed, cannot be reinterpreted! Please keep your Bible close. See how Jesus' Mission is opening Seals that have previously been closed until a later time - NOW! They are being opened now! In a little while ahead, any form of Christian worship will be hidden because it will be shunned in society, but only for a short time.

Nevertheless, our Bibles, our Catechisms and The Book of Truth need to be at our disposal! Please don't buy any 'new version' Bibles. Please try to locate the Douay-Rheims Edition as Our Lady has told us that this is the only translation solidly stuck to the True translation. But if not available, then any Catholic Bible will suffice.

I say Catholic because other editions have deleted whole books so as to hide what the Catholic Traditional teaching has been true to, therefore highlighting to Protestant religions that the Catholics actually have it right! I am not making an elitist comment here - please don't interpret it that way.

If you are still unable to choose one of these type Bibles, then do your best to get one that is as true as it can be to the original texts.

Today, fewer people than ever believe in the Word of God

 Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 @ 23:15

 My dearly beloved daughter, let no one doubt that they can find the Truth in My Father’s Book, the Most Holy Bible. The Word is there for all to witness, as it has been for centuries. The Holy Bible contains the Truth and all that which is expected of humanity is laid bare within its pages.

 Everything that was poured from the mouths of the prophets and My disciples, who were guided by the Holy Spirit, is contained therein. The Truth is contained within the Word – that is – My Father’s Book. So why then does man question the validity of the Word? Everything given to man, for the sake of his soul, can be found in the Holy Bible.

 The Truth is digested by souls in different ways. Those who are humble souls and who accept the Word of God do not question it. Others take it and discard parts of it until it no longer resembles the Truth. Then there are those who will never accept the Word, because it is of little interest to them. They see the Truth, contained in the Holy Bible, as nothing more than folklore.

 Today, fewer people than ever believe in the Word of God. Those who do only take sections of which appeal to their own lifestyles and draw away from God’s Laws, for which they feel no affinity. Today, the Truth which is taught is but a shadow of what is contained in the Bible.

 I speak to you now of the Truth for three reasons. The first is to remind you of the Word of the Truth – which is contained in My Father’s Book. The second is to reinforce the fact that you cannot rewrite the Word of God. The third is so that I can feed God’s children with the Word of God at a time when, soon, it will be withheld from you. I do this now through the Book of Truth, promised to you through the prophets. If the Truth does not sit well with you, then you do not accept the Word of God. If you do not accept the Word of God, then I cannot take you to My New Kingdom and bring you the salvation I promised you, when I died for your sins on the Cross.

 Your Jesus

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