Friday, 3 February 2017

My Mother’s role as Co-Redemptrix will be well and truly understood at last

Things have sped up with regards to Our Mother of Salvation's Role as Co-Redemptrix! God is giving this one opportunity to come to His Beloved Son through Christ's Mother - our Mother! She will bring millions to Her Son! The majority of humanity will see the Truth finally! This is not the completion of the Covenant, but it is part of the final stage of completion! God is writing the Script to fulfil all that was foretold in Scripture!

The plan is a Heavenly Game of chess!

He is strategically placing all His children where He needs them to be in order to accept the Truth. As Jesus describes - pieces of a jigsaw that will finally be drawn together to complete the picture. Make yourselves ready for this Covenant - God's Promise to give His Son Jesus, His Kingdom!

His Kingdom is waiting for us! Mother Immaculate is going to show the world just how to bring themselves to peace and to their Merciful Saviour! This is getting really exciting! One day we will dare not blink incase we miss something!

My Mother’s role as Co-Redemptrix will be well and truly understood at last

  Friday, January 24th, 2014 @ 20:19

 My dearly beloved daughter, when My Mother makes one final appearance, at Marian apparition sites everywhere, you must know then that the world will turn and run to Me at last. It is through My beloved Mother that more souls are brought to Me. Her role has always been to serve Me for the good of man. And now, My Mother’s role, as Co-Redemptrix, will be well and truly understood at last.

I will give every soul the opportunity to witness My Powerful Intervention, so that I can convert them. Through conversion, I can save millions. The Promise of Salvation was made by Me and fulfilled by My death on the Cross. Now, I will gather the souls I will draw to Me through this Mission and spread the Truth of My Word everywhere.

 Those who were never given the Truth will be presented with it for the very first time. Those who were given the Truth, but who have forgotten it will be reminded of My Promise. Those who do know the Truth, but who have changed it in order to suit their own desires, will be reminded that there can only be one Truth.

 I bring humanity the Truth at a time when their minds are confused, their souls torn with doubt – but I will ease their fears. Only I, Jesus Christ, their Saviour has the Power to intervene like this. Only I have the Power to bring them peace and deliver them the salvation, which rightly belongs to them.

 All the strands of this Mission are being drawn together to form a pattern. Then, when the various parts are linked and fitted together, like the pieces of a jigsaw, when all the pieces begin to merge, the final picture will become clear. Then you will find My Presence everywhere – all of which is linked to every authentic holy mission granted to the world by My Father, until finally the whole Truth will become clear to everyone.

 My Father promised that He would reveal to the world the Truth, through the Book of Truth, as foretold to the prophets Daniel and John the Evangelist. My Father brings you the Truth at this time now, but He does it piece by piece, little by little until the final part makes up the whole. Only then will the Book of Truth make sense. Only then will the final hurdles be overcome, when the majority of humanity will sing and rejoice in anticipation of My Second Coming. Only when My Mission is completed will the Great Day be announced to the world.

 Go in peace and know that when you place all your trust in Me, that I can complete the final part of My Father’s Covenant and take you into the Realm of His Almighty Kingdom.

 Your Jesus

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