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If there is but just a shred of pride in the soul, the Holy Spirit will never enter it

This is a red flag Message to all of us who find themselves proud and arrogant. I myself have needed much reform in order to be as 'a little child' and I still have so far to go. So this Message kind of left me a little down.

 Jesus says "any shred of pride in a soul -the Holy Spirit cannot enter"

 So I had to think about it a bit longer in order to see the positives Jesus is trying to show us.

Now I think we could also see it like this - our souls to be full of pride or even having a shred of pride is a chronic condition. However, some of us might have ebb and flows in pride which might be more an acute condition giving into our weakness and responding to some situations which presented themselves without really thinking about what we were saying or doing.

A person who has pride in their soul finds it really quite distasteful to say 'sorry', to ask for 'forgiveness', reacting with their chests pumped out in self- adulation.

But for a person who just tries each day to please Jesus, honouring Him, praying as they can, seeing the good in others and being helpful to others, can then sometimes fall down in a pride-filled moment in their weakness, I think Jesus would scold us, but pick us up and say 'Please do better'. 

So I see there can be levels of pride in weakness and then pride in the heart which ultimately is pride in the soul -pride that just is basically a reflection of who we are in our heart which can run very deep.

Another aspect of this is ego and arrogance usually go with this kind of pride. Never conceding to anyone's ideas if they don't match our own, believing we're right, they're wrong etc.

Basically not letting go and letting God! But if we live in His Will each moment, how can we be so proud that we believe we know best. Those 2 ideas are at complete opposites! 

If we know we have pride, arrogance or ego as a problem to our nature, then change it! It will take time, but every time we feel that we are not leaving ourselves lower than another person in any situation, where so, we place our own importance or our own goals ahead of others, then I think it's time to have 'a little chat with ourselves'. Those moments when we could ask ourselves, 'Can I make this little sacrifice for this person?'. 'Can I achieve my goal at a later date, but for now help this person out?'

Just little changes make huge leaps in progressing our souls to Paradise in the perfection God requires of us in order to be worthy. So make a change today! See how moments become challenges to repair our souls. See opportunities in everything, where otherwise we accepted ourselves for who we are and think 'we're ok', when God doesn't necessarily see us that way. 

We know we are own own best friend and the only person in our life who can assess these things truthfully about ourselves is us. We can make a difference to the world if we start with ourselves. Is it time to make a difference?

 If there is but just a shred of pride in the soul, the Holy Spirit will never enter it
 Sunday, January 5th, 2014 @ 19:34

  My dearly beloved daughter, when the Fire of the Holy Spirit enters the soul of a person, the first response is one of tears. The second response is one of bewilderment. The third response is the realization that something wonderful – an inner understanding of the Truth of God and all that He desires – has overtaken that particular soul. Suddenly, a peace descends, as well as an acute understanding of the mystery of the Existence of God – the Love of God. All things, which are according to the Word of God, become clear.

 Only those who have surrendered their will to God and who have shed all human pride and intellect and presented these things to Him are capable of receiving this Gift of the Holy Spirit. If there is but just a shred of pride in the soul, the Holy Spirit will never enter it.

 Only those who truly believe that God is All-Powerful and that man is nothing and unworthy to stand before Him, can surrender their will. Only those who are willing to do all that is required of them, to do the Holy Will of God, according to His Word, can be given the Gifts to proclaim the Word, which will have any real impact.

 Any man who claims to proclaim the Truth, and says he is guided by the Holy Spirit, will never boast of his own greatness. He will never draw attention to his gifts, his talents, his knowledge, his holiness or his humility. For when a man does this, in the Holy Name of God, he has not been blessed with the Spirit of Fire – the Flame that enkindles the hearts of man, so that they respond, with love, to the Word of God.

 During My Time on Earth, I made it clear to all of you that he who exalts himself before Me will be cast into the wilderness. He who humbles himself before Me will be exalted.

 Your Jesus

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