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Mother of Salvation: These Prayers, dear children, come with great Graces

Through the prayers given by Blessed Mother of Salvation through God's Grace, many souls who have known Jesus, but through the bends and turns and forks in the road, have lost their sense of awareness of Him and lost their need for Him in their lives, be brought a readiness and willingness through The Holy Spirit to bring themselves humbly before Him with renewed vigour and zeal for Christ's Friendship and Mercy.

Remember that He loves all of us equally! He loves us for our courage. Be courageous now in laying prostrate before Him telling Him 'Jesus forgive me I am a sinner, have Mercy on me" Saying the prayers Our Mother has given will bring Him by your side instantly!

Every prayer in this Mission is special Mother, but for those who have once known and loved Christ, but through their life journey have pushed Him aside, these prayers will assist them through Your Intercession for their souls. May those who have lost their focus on Jesus in their lives, be brought back to Him with renewed devotion and adoration. He loves each of them equally! May Your Beloved Son hear the prayers of those who beckon Him and for those whose prayers are silent in their hearts. In Jesus' Name. Amen

 Mother of Salvation: These Prayers, dear children, come with great Graces

 Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 @ 15:27

 My child, it is more difficult for souls, who once knew my Son and who wandered away from Him, to come back to Him, than it is for those who never knew Him at all.

 When you experience the Love of Jesus and then turn your back on Him, this creates a great void in your life. Nothing can ever replace His Presence. So when a soul tries to come back to Him and although my Son always awaits them with great Love and Patience, that person is still unsure how to open his heart.

 If you feel estranged from my Son, you must never be afraid to call out to Him. You must never be ashamed to show yourself before Him, for He is Ever-Merciful and will forgive any sinner, when He is asked to do so by a remorseful soul.

 When you wish to call on my Son, you must simply call on Him to take you into His Mercy and leave the rest to Him.

 Here is a special Crusade Prayer (133) A Call to return to God:

 Dear Jesus, forgive me, an estranged soul, who renounced You, because I was blind. Forgive me for substituting Your Love with useless things which mean nothing. Help me to pluck up the courage to walk by Your Side, to accept with gratitude, Your Love and Mercy. Help me to remain close to Your Sacred Heart and to never wander away from You again. Amen.

 Those who do not know my Son and who wish to be taken before the Throne of God, the Most High, must recite this Crusade Prayer (134) To believe in the Existence of God:
 O God the Most High, help me to believe in Your Existence. Cast all of my doubts aside. Open my eyes to the Truth of the life after this one and guide me towards the way to Eternal Life. Please let me feel Your Presence and grant me the Gift of true faith before the day I die. Amen.

 These Prayers, dear children, come with great Graces and those who recite them will be shown the Truth and their hearts will be filled with a great love, which they will never have experienced on Earth before now. Then their souls will be purified.

 Go now, in the knowledge that when you are close to God, you will be blessed with the Grace of great peace.

 Your beloved Mother

  Mother of Salvation

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