Friday, 3 February 2017

Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly

Jesus in His Mercy is letting us know more details about the Warning and what we will experience. This is wonderful! We know that we will be accountable for our sins and our omissions just as we know Jesus will pour His Mercy over us to cleanse us of our sins. This is the Great Confession! Just ourselves alone with Jesus! In front of Him! But Jesus is also telling us more detail about how souls who have found the path to Him very difficult in life will see their souls as a complete picture. Some will be horrified! Some will be afraid! Some will be so ensnared by satan, that they will repel Christ!

That is the hardest thing to understand and grasp! How can a soul hate and despise Christ? His Sorrow for them is immense! Jesus won't stop until billions of souls understand His Passion! He won't stop until these billions come to be an integral part of His Mission to save those unfortunate souls who, during the Warning will be chained to satan in the most powerful possession, but all is still not lost! God will not allow satan to get one more soul than He allows.

These souls steeped in sin and evil are still loved by God. He will allow as much as He Wills to bring these souls His Son's Light! How hardened they must be to not be able to withstand Christ's Light during the Warning! But like anything made of stone, it can be chiselled away at to get to the softer centre that can be moulded and beautified!

God will mould and beautify these souls with the prayers and personal sufferings and sacrifices of the rest of us who take His Mission to ourselves for Christ's Comfort! We will not let Him be left to it! Remember Jesus tells us to be prepared for this experience as it can come at any time!

There is no time for complacency or laziness! Let's cleanse our souls of sin!

Let's prepare our souls to meet with Jesus in the most Glorious Heavenly exchange, that man has never experienced before! This is our time people! Rejoice and be glad for the time of Christ is near!

Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly

 Friday, January 31st, 2014 @ 16:13

 My dearly beloved daughter, hear Me now, as I speak of The Warning to come. Without My Intervention, most of the world would plunge into the abyss of the beast and would never see the Light of God. Without this Miracle, billions of souls would go to Hell.

So then, I must remind you that you must prepare for this Event, for it will cause tremendous pain and suffering for many. It will be as if many have plunged into the lowest level of Purgatory, which purges the soul with a powerful heat and creates a terrible sense of remorse, which causes pain of the flesh.

 Many souls will rejoice. However, even those souls who are close to Me will also feel anguish when they have to face their wrongdoings before Me. The shame they will feel though will be quickly forgotten, as the Light of My Mercy will devour them and fill them with Graces. The souls who do not know Me at all will be mesmerised and many will believe that they have died and are being judged by Me, on the last Day. They too will rejoice when the Truth is revealed to them. Then those poor wretched souls, who relish their sinful lives, will suffer greatly. Some will break down and lie at My Feet and protect their eyes from My Light, because the pain of standing before Me, alone and defenseless, will be too much for them to bear. They will not ask for My Mercy, for their hatred of Me runs deep.
 Finally, the souls who have completely renounced Me and given themselves over in body and soul to the evil one will suffer a greater torment, as if they have crawled into the depths of Hell. Many will not be able to withstand My Presence and they will fall stone-dead before Me. Others will try to call out to Me, but they will be dragged away from Me by the evil one.

 After this powerful Intervention by Me takes place, however, billions will be converted and they too will join with My Remnant Church, to endure penance for those souls who have completely cut themselves off from My Mercy, in order to help Me salvage their souls.

All will be well, for in the end, I Am All-Merciful, All-Goodness, All-Love. Those who love Me will be given the Gift of My Love in abundance. My Love in them will ignite the Image of My Passion and this will encourage them to make great sacrifices in atonement for the sins of the lost souls who need My Mercy the most.

 Prepare always, every day, as if The Warning were tomorrow, for it will come upon you suddenly.

 Your Jesus

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