Friday, 3 February 2017

This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church

Weak versus strong! Prideful ambition versus humbling acceptance of Truth! The goats versus the lambs! Those who will roll over and accept the 'creed' from hell or those who will take up Christ's Cross and follow Him! Only 2 sides exist in all choices to make! Good versus evil! Which camp will we belong to when push comes to shove! Who will take us to the precipice and tempt us to tempt God? Will you follow blindly the sheep over that precipice? Will you see the lies for what they are and say 'No! - I will only follow My Lord and My God?' We will be tempted! We will be scattered!

But who will you allow get the upper hand on your soul? Ultimately this is our choice - the free will we were Gifted with, but oh how that free will can get us into all sorts of terrible trouble! Give your free will back to Jesus! Ask Him to replace it with His Divine Will! Place all your moments in His Will alone! Given the choice to believe lies won't come so easy to you then! Would Jesus choose the lies? Of course He can't! satan tried to tempt Him in the desert but was out of luck! satan will try to tempt us under the roof of God's House - make him so out of luck - for the sake of your soul!

There is evil afoot in the Church Christ Instituted on earth from within! Don't make it a fool's paradise for you to just lay back and accept all and sundry! Make Christ and His Remnant Church your only choice! God's Army is forming each day, bigger and more courageous! We will fight for Christ! We will earmark satan for a miserable thrusting into hell!

All the Angels in Heaven are at the ready to stand for justice and Truth! Call on all of them to bring us the success of Christ's Salvific Mission to herald in the New Heaven and the New Earth! We can do it! Arm up warriors of Christ!

 This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church

  Thursday, January 16th, 2014 @ 19:41

  My dearly beloved daughter, the Truth divides. It always has done. When one man says that he knows the truth, another will deny it. But when the Truth comes from the Word of God, it will cause the greatest division. Many fear the Truth, because it is not always pleasant, and yet without the Truth, you would live in denial. When you live in denial of the Word of God, you will never find true peace in your hearts.

 When you know the Truth, which is contained in My Father’s Book, then you know the Way of the Lord and you must follow this path, up to your last breath. Do not deviate from this. But if My Word is tampered with, rewritten and demolished, surely you would never accept this. That is good. But if new doctrines, which differ from My Holy Word, are introduced to you, from within the roofs of My churches, what then will you do?

 Will you accept a lie, instead of the Truth? Will you accept a doctrine, which will be unholy in My Eyes?

 The answer must be no. You must never deny My Word – for anyone. No one, even if they are dressed in the linens of the elite within the hierarchy of My Church, a pauper, a king or a prince – anyone who demands that you accept a new doctrine pertaining to My Word does not come from Me.

 My Church is being demolished discreetly from within and each part is being dismantled. As the tiers are pulled down and loyal servants discarded – and then deemed to be no longer useful – the way will be cleared for the doctrines from Hell to be pronounced.

 Woe to priests, bishops and cardinals, who dare to defend the Word of God, for they will suffer the most. While some will be excommunicated and accused of heresy – though they will only speak up for the True Word of God – others will be too weak. Many poor sacred servants will give into the pressure to denounce the Laws of God. If they do not agree to embrace the doctrine of lies, they will be thrown to the wolves. Those, whose faith will have already weakened and who love worldly things and who have a fierce ambition in their souls, will be the first in the queue to swear allegiance to the new ‘pledge’.

This new and rapidly created hierarchy will take over My Church. They will declare falsities in the Name of God and take with them many innocent souls of the faithful. The congregations will unwittingly be offered a poison chalice filled with nothing – only bread. The Holy Eucharist will no longer fill their souls. They will soon be fed homilies, which will ridicule the Word of God when they will declare human rights to be the most important doctrine. And then they will declare the greatest heresy, that man will be given Eternal Life, whether or not he repents for his sins. This is how they will destroy the souls of millions.

 As they continue to pull My Church apart from the inside out, My loyal priests and faithful followers will rebuild My Church, brick by brick. My Church, you see, can never die for I will not let it.

All priests, all bishops and all cardinals who will be dethroned and who remain faithful to Me, will never desert the just or those followers of Mine who have been blessed with the Gift of Wisdom. Then, while the false knowledge will fill the hearts of weak servants in My Church, the Gift of the Holy Spirit will not only Light the souls of My Remnant Church, but will provide the Light, for all those whose names are in the Book of the Living, to My door.

 Never before will My disciples be tested in the way in which they will be in the future. They will be given Divine Assistance to enable them to keep the Light of God shining in a world, which will be plunged, slowly and painfully, into darkness, caused by the arrival of the enemy, the antichrist.

  Your Jesus

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