Friday, 3 February 2017

Mother of Salvation: When my Son’s priests will face terrible anguish and miscarriages of justice, they must call on me

It baffles me how any priest worth his vocation could ever deny Christ when being asked to. But the extent to which the false prophet will impose this, will be horrendous for our poor priests! They will have threats made against them, they will have vile baseless rumours trashed around about them - those who dare to oppose such atrocities in the 'new creed'.

They will know instantly if they are intune with their hearts, that what is being asked of them is to deny Christ first and foremost, then deny His Teachings and His Sacraments! How strong and courageous will be the priests who run! They must take themselves away and defend Christ in all circumstances!

The Remnant Army will need to engage with those priests needing our assistance for shelter and food and a place where they can continue to celebrate the Holy Mass and the Sacraments. Jesus and Mary will organise Refuge Centres for this to take place. Pray so hard for these priests. Jesus tells us that half will choose Him and half will follow the 'new church'. My goodness!

The times are-a-changin'! Pray the Divinity within their priesthood wins out and they see with eyes wide open, the lies which will befall them and that they have great strength and courage to battle the enemy! Jesus is with them! Mother is with them!

Mother of Salvation: When my Son’s priests will face terrible anguish and miscarriages of justice, they must call on me

  Thursday, February 6th, 2014 @ 16:15

 My child, when the time comes, when my Son’s priests will face terrible anguish and miscarriages of justice, they must call on me. I have been given the Grace to be able to give them the courage they will need to continue to serve my Son. I refer, in particular, to priests in the Catholic Church, for they will suffer more than any other servants of God.

 When the day comes and when they are called to swear an oath, which will deny the Divinity of my beloved Son, Jesus Christ, they must never doubt the real intentions of those who demand this of them. When they are asked to renounce the meaning of the Holy Eucharist and accept a new interpretation, they will know then that the hour has come. That will be the day when the rot will set in and the crumbling of the walls will be witnessed under the roofs of churches everywhere.

I desire that all priests, who will have to face these sorrowful trials, recite this Crusade Prayer (135) To defend the Truth:

 O beloved Mother of Salvation, help me in my moment of need. Pray that I am blessed with the Gifts poured down upon my unworthy soul, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to defend the Truth at all times. Sustain me in every incident, where I am asked to deny the Truth, the Word of God, the Holy Sacraments and the Most Holy Eucharist.

 Help me to use the Graces I receive to stand firm against the wickedness of Satan and all those poor souls he uses to defile your Son, Jesus Christ.

Help me in my hour of need. For the sake of souls, give me the courage to provide the Sacraments to each child of God, when I may be forbidden by the enemies of God to do so. Amen.

 When these times commence, you must be prepared to continue to carry on the Work of God and carry His Cross with resilience and dignity, for the sake of your own souls and those of all God’s children.

Your beloved Mother

 Mother of Salvation

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