Friday, 3 February 2017

The plan to remove every trace of Me has commenced

 Lord they can do whatever they want, they can't take me away from You! Many days are spent explaining the Truth as You tell us, but to some this means very little. Instead they will counter all You say by telling us that You cannot possibly be speaking through 'just a woman from Ireland'. Well Your Mother was 'just a Jewish girl of 14!' and look how Special She was before She was Chosen let alone after! We can't second guess God in any of His Plans.

We are mere blips on the Heavenly Radar who need to reach out in faith and not just walk by sight!

I will refuse to accept any countenance from the false prophet who dares to silence You in every way he will plan. I don't care about the pain of persecution anymore!

This just isn't something that can 'really' hurt me. That which hurts me is what they do to You - denying You, despising You, ignoring You, persecuting You! So Lord Jesus I know You have me close to Your Heart, but in my weaknesses please let Your Light Shine on me so I can always remain faithful to You. It will be my choice to turn my back, not theirs to 'make me' and You know Jesus, I can never choose to do this! You are my Everything!

The plan to remove every trace of Me has commenced

Sunday, January 26th, 2014 @ 15:00

My dearly beloved daughter, never allow the views of those with bitterness in their hearts, against this Work, make you hesitate in My Mission for souls.

 What does it matter if you and My beloved faithful souls, who refuse to deviate from the Word of God, are rejected? What does it matter whether or not they pour scorn upon you? Their human opinions, which negate the Word, are of no consequence in your pursuit of Eternal Salvation. When you glorify Me and when you honour My Holy Word, you will be tempted by all sides to turn your backs on Me.

 So many will reject this Mission until the awful truth dawns on them when they will witness the blasphemies, which will pour from the mouth of the false prophet. When someone who contradicts the Existence of the Holy Trinity, dares to wear the robes of a high priest under the roof of My Church and then tries to convince you that what you have known to be true, up to now, is no longer the case, you will know then that the spirit of evil has engulfed My Church from within.
 When surrounded with new ideologies, new doctrines and when you are told that the human race today demands these changes, that will be the time when God’s Desires are no longer responded to. Instead, when manmade doctrines, full of error and flaws, declare sin to be no more, the time will be close for Me to destroy My enemies, as foretold.

 Many more of you will wake up to the Truth and the terrible dishonour, which will be accorded to Me, Jesus Christ, in my Church on Earth. Those faithful servants will recognise the wickedness and then many of them will flee. But, when the time comes and when this choice is placed before you all, many will, sadly, desert Me and take part in pagan practices.

 The plan to remove every trace of Me has commenced. The Truth of My Word will be banished in your constitutions, your schools, until finally it will be denounced within My Own Church. Those of you who believe that this could never happen – that God would never permit these things – are mistaken. These atrocities have been permitted, in the final purification of man, before My Second Coming. If you do not remain alert, irrespective of how much you love Me, you will be led into participating in a series of ceremonies, which will not pay homage to God. If they do not honour Me, then you must ask yourselves, why is this? Why have these changes been made and why, so suddenly? The answer is time – for there is little left.

The race to win over souls on both sides will result in a fierce battle. One side will convince you to reject the Word of God in favour of vile practices, which will idolise Satan. They will fool even those who are well versed in My Word, so cunningly presented will their case be to remove Me from My Church. The other side will suffer because of their loyalty, not just to these Messages alone, but to the True Word of God, given to the world in My Father’s Book.

  Your Jesus

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