Friday, 3 February 2017

Who amongst you would be strong enough to accept My Cup of Suffering, in all that it brings with it

What Jesus is speaking of here is something I have experienced regularly when friending people at random and linking the Messages to their timeline, and I am sure this has happened to many of us. Yet what once really hurt me and was terribly insulting to Jesus' Invitation to salvage their souls is now just a speedbump to me. It seems that the Holy Spirit has equipped me and I hope many others, with the Grace to show kindness and love now where once I would have been drawn into a 'faith showdown'. Although still hurtful now I just get a comment saying 'I do not subscribe to this so please take it off my timeline" When I don't respond they de friend me. But there is no persecution or mud-slinging as there might have been once.

 This Message reflects a lot of what His Mission's followers are being faced with on a daily basis. We take to heart that there are many people who claim to be of faith, Catholics probably the most outspoken, give Scriptural references to 'make their point' and tell us we are heretics and blasphemers, when really, they themselves speak with such venom and spite that it's hard to imagine we serve and follow the same Christ. Jesus is very aware of these souls and we are made aware of their presence too, but He asks us to stay silent and pray for them.

This is an opportunity for us to engage in prayer and personal sacrifice and offering our suffering for them. . This is a Battle for souls and unfortunately it becomes a battle for egos to beat their chests at us for daring to adhere, listen and comply with Words that come straight from Heaven through Christ's final prophet! For these poor souls, they are so interested in their favouring themselves and their knowledge of Church and Scriptural matters that they cannot possibly accept a 'mere human' to tell them any better. Yet they respond to the false prophet - a mere human!

Poor Jesus - I can sense His frustration! It is certainly frustrating! Let's be guided to act more humbly and walk more confidently with Jesus. Other distractions are mere 'speedbumps'. We get over them and drive 'til the next one. As long as there is fuel in the tank, we will reach our destination!

 Who amongst you would be strong enough to accept My Cup of Suffering, in all that it brings with it

 Sunday, January 19th, 2014 @ 14:35

  My dearly beloved daughter, what man amongst you, who declares himself to be a holy follower of Mine, and who boasts of this fact, will take My Cup?

 Who amongst you would be strong enough to accept My Cup of Suffering, in all that it brings with it? The answer is very few of you. And yet, you feel justified when you scourge Me, through My chosen souls, who have willingly accepted My Cup.

 Chosen souls, visionaries, prophets and seers, accept My Cup, because they give Me their free will, on My terms – not on their own. When you declare yourselves to be all-knowing and well-versed in My Holy Word and do not accept the suffering, which is carried by My poor persecuted prophets, then you do not know Me. If you do not know Me, then you cannot truly love Me. If you do not love Me, then you do not spread the Truth. Instead, you pick what parts suit you in the Most Holy Gospels and then use these as a yardstick to beat My prophets with and all those chosen souls who carry My sorrowful Cross.

 When you trample on other souls, treat them cruelly in My Name, you have been infested by hatred. Hatred comes from Satan. It does not come from Me. When you come before Me, during The Warning – the Illumination of Conscience – I will show you how you have offended Me. Still, many of you, guilty of twisting My Words of Love into words of hatred against My prophets, will stand defiantly before Me. For you are so stuffed with self-love and pride that even I, Jesus Christ, will find it difficult to draw you to Me.

 Your hatred for others separates you from Me.

  Your Jesus

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