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You were all given the Truth, but many of you have forgotten it. It bores you. It is too troublesome

Well I suppose this Message had to come as a reminder sooner or later. Here He covers just about every group of people in how they either hurt Him or bring Him comfort. 

Suffice to say, we are all sinners, we all have to repent and amend our lives. We all have the responsibility of nailing Him to the Cross. We all have had pasts we are not proud of. We all have hidden anger and mistrust towards people even family. We all make Jesus sad.
But what is He saying to us really?
Jesus is telling us to take a look at who we are - who have we managed to 'manufacture' ourselves into?

Are we too proud, too weak, too lukewarm, too arrogant, too blackened in our souls, too 'superior' to others? Who are we really and why did we make ourselves that way. Because really Jesus tells us that we know the Truth of our Creation innately. We were born in God's Own Image, so where did we allow it to all go wrong? What was done to us, or who did we listen to, to make us 'change our minds' about Who God Truly Is?

If we can answer these things for ourselves, we might be very surprised to see that the answer is very simple!

We just gave up on Him! We just became selfish and narcissistic! We just buried deep within us, all the hurts and the pain that we inflicted on ourselves or that others had inflicted on us! We just got into the wrong pattern of thinking through erroneous information we found ourselves or we received from others! 

So really - what can we do to come back to God?

What can we do to help us heal? Who can we ask to listen to us when we are hurting, when we are angry, when we are bitter, when we are blind?

You know the answer right? Take yourself to Jesus! Bring yourself to Him on your knees! Ask for His Mercy! It doesn't matter who we are!

It doesn't matter what we have done! He wants us to tell Him what is on our minds. 

Does He love us less for being cranky with Him? Of course not! He knows how to handle us!

Guaranteed, we will all weep like crazy when He very gently says to us "My child, why do you hurt so, why have you not come to Me before this. Don't you know that I love you, that I am lonely without you, that I weep for you?" 

Well how hardened would our hearts be if we couldn't just fall to the ground at His Feet completely melted of all our pain in that moment? For the sake of your soul, bring yourself to Sweet Jesus! 

Please love yourself enough to give yourself the chance eh?

You were all given the Truth, but many of you have forgotten it. It bores you. It is too troublesome

December 29, 2013

My dearly beloved daughter of Mine, when I revealed the secrets of the Book of Truth, from the beginning, I told you that the Book had been foretold to the prophets – a total of three – representing the Most Holy Trinity. I do not tell you of these things in order to frighten you. I tell you of these facts, so that you will trust in Me completely.

My daughter, the Plan of My Father to spread conversion began the moment this Mission began. This conversion, at a time of great apostasy, apathy and shameful indifference to the Word of God, is much needed. God’s children were given the Truth in the Most Holy Book, but much of what is contained therein has little impact on people in the world today.

How could it? So many are distracted by entertainment, are easily amused and quick to grasp anything, which titillates. Even the Truth of man’s Creation has been denied. Instead, they replaced the Truth with ludicrous beliefs in many false gods of their own making. Their practices of magic and evil dabbling in the occult have attracted the attention of many and fired the imagination of those seeking sensationalism in their lives.

Then there are those who abuse their knowledge of the spiritual world and who have caused many souls to wander away from Me. In order to empower themselves with spiritual gifts, these poor souls instead invite the spirit of evil, when they call on the spirits of those who have entered Hell. These spirits will only pull them into a web from which they will never disentangle themselves.

Those who dabble in new age practices, witchcraft, tarot cards and clairvoyance, will be the cause of terrible afflictions upon others, although in many cases, they have no such knowledge of the harm they do. All such people, who place false gods before the One True God, are guilty of paganism – a heinous crime – because they knew the Truth before they turned away from it.

Then there are those who curse others when they dabble in Satanism. So depraved are they, that they constantly taunt Me and conduct such wicked acts because they have already made a pact with the devil. Nothing I do will change them. Oh how I weep such bitter Tears over these poor misguided souls.

Then there are those who do know Me, but who spend little time in My Company. They bring Me great sadness, for they take their souls for granted. They believe that they have a natural given right to Eternal Life, but they do not believe that they have to earn it. Many of them are so complacent that they do not bother with the Sacraments and rarely pay any heed to the Ten Commandments, because they do not believe that they apply to them today. Most do not believe in Hell or Purgatory. They walk a very dangerous path. Soon, they will be deceived even further, when they are fed a new watered-down doctrine, which will be introduced by My enemies. They need much prayer now.

Finally, there are those who are closest to Me and who are learned in all things Sacred. These are the souls who bring Me great comfort and on whom I lean. Yet, there are those amongst them who do not live the Truth. They preach the Truth, but do not practice the basics of My Teachings. They do not love others as they should. They look down on those who they consider to be less informed of all sacred matters than they are. Some consider themselves above others and more favoured by God. These hypocrites infuriate Me the most, because they fail to see how they sin in My Eyes.

So you see, the Truth must never be taken for granted. You were all given the Truth, but many of you have forgotten it. It bores you. It is too troublesome – too time consuming – for many of you see the Truth as something which is no longer relevant in your busy lives today. Many of you will deny Me and then, finally, reject Me completely, when you are fed lies by those who want to lead you away from salvation. This is why you must learn the Truth all over again.

There can only be one Truth and that is the Truth laid down by God from the beginning.

Your Jesus

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