Friday, 3 February 2017

God the Father: There is nothing that I would not do for My children. No sacrifice is too high

I just want to give God the biggest bear hug and immerse myself in His fluffy white beard! I hope that doesn't sound facetious, I just feel so loved by My Heavenly Father! He's your Heavenly Father too you know! Imagine that He, the Almighty wants to lower Himself at our feet with His Heart! How is that possible? The God of All Creation doing this? That is how much He loves us! Imagine how redundant He feels! All of those breaths we take for granted, He allowed with Love!

When will we fully comprehend just how much He has given us!

Atheists will tell you He's the 'wizard in the sky'.

Can you imagine how they break His Heart. He loves them all so!

Through His Glorious Intervention He will bring us to speak no matter what tongue, God's Holy Word! We will begin to hear it everywhere. This will make things so much easier to speak of Jesus without feeling vulnerable to persecution, even though we should welcome it for His Sake!

We have been given a job to do in bringing the Truth of this Mission to all souls, no matter where they are, no matter who they are, no matter what they believe. This will be difficult, but God is assuring us that He is going to do all He Wills, to enable each of us an open window to allow His Love in for all those we come in contact with! The Holy Spirit is with us!

God the Father: There is nothing that I would not do for My children. No sacrifice is too high

 Sunday, February 9th, 2014 @ 19:00

 My dearest daughter, there is nothing that I would not do for My children. No sacrifice is too high.

  I lower Myself so that I can place My Heart at their feet and yet they will continue to trample over it. I humble Myself by calling out to them through these Messages and they mock Me and sneer.

 I permitted them to scourge and murder My Son and they underestimate the Great Sacrifice I made for them, to give them life and free them from slavery to the evil one.

 I plead with them to amend their ways and they ignore Me. I sent chosen souls to speak with them and to proclaim My Word and they spat in their faces.

 I sent punishments upon them and they did not learn from them. Instead, they claimed that they were merely a twist of fate and had nothing to do with Me.

 I sent them My Love, through miraculous Gifts given to visionaries, seers, saints and prophets and only a few made use of them. Mark My Words now, the Book of Truth is the greatest Gift given by Me to the world, since I sent My only Son to redeem you. I bequeath this Precious Gift so that it will open your heart, free your soul from its attachment to the temptations of the devil and help prepare you for My Kingdom.

My Powerful Intervention at this time means that the speed by which My Word will spread, as and from today, will shock and surprise many. When you hear My Word, spoken in every tongue, where little organization by the human hand is involved, you will be given the proof of the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I will ensure that My Work persists. I will walk over all those who try to halt My Hand. I will push to one side those who are guided by the spirit of evil and deafen the sound of their pitiful voices.
 I will, with the swipe of My Hand, silence those who try to stop Me, when I only desire to save every single soul. I Am determined not to allow this Work to be ignored, for once I give My Authority to a Mission, such as this one, you can be assured that man’s power is nothing compared to it.

 Be calm, dear children, and trust in Me, your beloved Father. My Love is so great that it cannot be diluted, no matter how grievously you sin. I Am permitting these trials, tribulations and wicked plans to erase all traces of My Son, but only for a short time.

 Never be fearful of My Plans, for they have a purpose and that is to wipe out all evil and bring you all a life of Glory, in accordance with My Holy Will. You have much to look forward to. All I ask is that you pray and follow all that I have given to you, at this time, through My Holy Mission to bring you all the ultimate, priceless Gift that I have created for you in the New Heaven and the New Earth – My New Paradise – just as it was meant to be when I created Adam and Eve.

Always remember My Love for you all, when you are feeling weak or vulnerable, for it is so great it is beyond your comprehension.

 Your beloved Father

 God the Most High

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