Friday, 3 February 2017

God the Father: Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me

God our Father is giving us the cornerstone of all knowledge to prepare for the wonderful life He has Planned ahead. That cornerstone is the Gift of free will! Our free will was given so that we could choose God. Our free will has also been used by satan to thwart our plan to choose God and thwart our plan to reach our Salvation! God is telling us that our free will is about fizzle and we will then live according to His Will! So really satan has no power over us if our free will is back with God!

Taking away our free will or us giving our free will back to Jesus as a gift from ourselves is in fact a Gift in itself! No longer having a free will means we have been unchained from the evil that has held us so long! If only given the generations past, that the understanding of what free will is and what it was meant for ultimately, we could have learned this a lot earlier! We could have saved a lot of Scourgings and Nails from hurting Our Dear Lord!

But God in His Infinite Mercy is travelling right along with us and giving us all these wonderful tidbits of information to bring us the Light of His Love, to wipe the cobwebs from our eyes and helping us get to Him! How can we not desire that our free will be taken away once and for all! Wouldn't that save a few problems! God is with us! Always have that confidence!

God the Father: Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 @ 15:44

My dearest daughter, My Will be done, as the time for man’s free choice to do what is according to his own desire is drawing to an end.

 I gave man free will. It is a Gift. I bequeathed this Gift, along with many others, to My children. Although they choose to follow their own will, over that which I desired for them, I still respect their free will.

 I love My children, unconditionally. I could never not love them, although they offend Me in so many ways. Free will, given to humanity, has meant that many of My children were drawn away from Me, in favour of the glittering promises they are tempted by daily, when they crave beauty, wealth, fame and power, all of which lead them away from Me.

 I Am their Refuge, but they do not understand this. In Me, they will find the beginning and the end of everything that can bring them pleasure, peace and love.

 Although the evil one has used the free will I gave to man to seduce them, I will take all sinners back into My Realm, when they will realise that all they had sought to bring them peace has failed to fulfill them. The time is close for My Kingdom to be complete. Souls will, I Promise you, feel compelled to come running to Me, their beloved Father, when the time comes. Then they will shed the cobwebs from their eyes, the hardened shells of their hearts and the darkness in their souls and seek Me out.

 My children, always trust in My Great Love for each of you, for how could it be any other way? You are Mine, like a limb, a piece of My Heart. To push you away and banish you would be like losing a piece of Myself. So, when I make the final Call and after all measures have been taken to win your hearts, make haste. I will be waiting. I will take you and engulf you into My Holy Realm, away from all harm.

 On that Day, you will forget your will and become entwined with Mine, because it will be of no use to you, of no interest, because when you come home to Me, we will be united as one.

 Your beloved Father
 God the Most High

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